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Dirty Devils

Hunky Men From Vintage Porn Era

Duration: 9m, 45s, Starring Bel Achaemenes, Elvend Ecbatana, Xerxes Dariusatossa

(Not Rated)

Some vintage porn videos are about admiring the sweet pieces of ass in them, and you'll find that there are some great looking male asses back in the day. Bel Achaemenes , Xerxes Dariusatossa , and Elvend Ecbatana all show up in this scene, which makes its way through various aspects of their lives. There is plenty of eye candy, and since there isn't a ton of material that focuses on men back then, I know that I'm eating up every bit that I can get. It's an excellent show of a vintage porn film, and will leave you ready for the next bit.

College Stud Gets A Rough Throat Fucking

Duration: 7m, 14s, Starring Bel Achaemenes, Elvend Ecbatana

(Not Rated)

Well muscled blond stud Bel knows exactly how to get inside another man's pants! He's sitting on the couch next to a young college stud whom he wants to seduce, and instead of any flowery speeches, he just strips off his shirt and his pants and proceeds to the upstairs bedroom. His curious friend's eyes are bulging out of their sockets at this unexpected nudity, and he wastes no time in throwing his own clothes to the floor and pursuing his friend to the bedroom. Then, the young stud is initiated into the ways of gay oral sex by the blond jock, who holds the younger man by the head and roughly throat fucks him until he ejaculates.

Hot Vintage Gay Porn Fuck Fest

Duration: 9m, 52s, Starring Bel Achaemenes, Cyrus Ahasuerus

(Not Rated)

Now this is the type of vintage porn that you can't find anywhere - regular vintage porn was rough enough to get caught doing. If someone back then found out you were gay, and had the video to prove it, life would shortly be very difficult for those folks. However that didn't stop their pure passion from coming through, and you can enjoy Bel Achaemenes and Cyrus Ahasuerus for being brave enough to show off their hot bodies on video. They spend plenty of time laying pipe in each other, making it a great vintage porno.

Married Man Sucks Cock In Hotel Room

Duration: 6m, 42s, Starring Artemisia Halicarnassus, Bel Achaemenes

(1 Vote)

In this black and white vintage gay sex clip, a muscular young buck seduces a married man in a hotel room. The married man, a thin and weedy looking male compared to the glorious bulk of the blond man's body, looks with undisguised lust at his friend's well muscled chest. As the blond male poses like a bodybuilder for his new-found buddy's enjoyment, the married man gets more and more aroused until he pounces, swallowing the younger man's enormous prick and gobbling it right down to the back of his throat. Later there is a sense of equality in the scene, as the blond fellow gets on top and throat fucks his friend in a 69.

Old Vintage Porn Features Plots

Duration: 10m, 59s, Starring Esther Mordecai, Bel Achaemenes, Elvend Ecbatana

(1 Vote)

There is one thing that I well and truly love about vintage porn, and it's about all the plot lines that are going on. They didn't just treat it as a fuck fest, at times they made sure that it would cover plenty of different areas of their sexual lives, including the lead up to the fucking. In this vintage porno you'll see Esther Mordecai, Bel Achaemenes, and Elvend Ecbatana in the lead up to what will surely be a great and massive fucking. You'll love this old time porn, even if it's not in the realm of HD videos.

Black Stud Sucked By Muscular White Male

Duration: 10m, 17s, Starring Bel Achaemenes, Xerxes Dariusatossa

(1 Vote)

Black and white cum together in this classic gay sex movie. Filmed in black-and-white, we see a muscular white stud getting it on with a slightly older black daddy. At first the guys are in the shower, soaping up each others' large cocks and stroking them from the balls to the tip. Later, we see the two fellows in the bedroom, with the white man eagerly swallowing his black master's penis. Later, the white man seizes control once again, abruptly swinging his body around to a 69 position and thrusting his bulging penis down his black friend's throat. The two men face fuck each other until they spurt messily in each others' mouths.

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