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Dirty Pillow Talk - Scene 1

Duration: 18m, Starring Chaz Carlton, Tony Hampton

(Not Rated)

Young Blond Twink Has Got An Addiction For Hot Cocksucking

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Christian Fox, Ted Matthews

(Not Rated)

Wouldn't you love to have yourself a gorgeous young toy boi who loves to suck and get fucked? Lucky stud Ted lies in bed with his boyfriend Christian, a much younger and extremely gorgeous blond guy with a real aptitude for sucking dick! Ted is on a late-night business call, but Christian isn't put off - he just ducks his head down to Ted's waist and start sucking! Ted quickly rings off, unable to maintain his concentration with the delicious feeling of Christian's soft lips wrapped around his quivering pole. He remains lying down while the Christian gets on top, straddling his man and slowly easing that dribbling dick into this tight ass.

Two Hot Gay White Guys Take It Rough

Duration: 14m, 39s, Starring Brett Ford, Wayne Montgomery

(12 Votes)

A late phone-call from an ex-lover is never a good thing, and Brett Ford isn't very impressed with the way Wayne Montgomery reacts to the call. There's only one thing to do, and that's make sure Brett is his, and only his. He rolls over and starts kissing Brett a little, letting his hands wander down and grab hold of his huge cock, and then moving the sheets out of the way, goes down to suck his man off! He'll show that stupid jerk for calling his man! There's no reason to worry as they mount eachother.

Dirty Pillow Talk - Scene 4

Duration: 26m, 40s, Starring Chip Connors, Rusty Samuels, Vic Hall

(Not Rated)

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