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Don't Tell My Girlfriend

Cock Hungry Stud Gets A Magical Mouthful

Duration: 24m, 34s, Starring Cole, Tully

(Not Rated)

Young stud Tully is so fucking horny that he could explode! He'd do anything for a hot cock to suck; it's lucky for him that he is about to have a magical sex experience! He finds a headless mannequin in his bedroom, and as soon as he touches it, like touching a genie's lamp, it bursts into life. It's suddenly transformed into flesh and blood stud Cole, who is completely naked, extremely hot and packing a rock hard dick that needs to be serviced! Cock hungry Tully dives down towards that meat, swallowing it whole before he knows what he's doing. The two men spend the rest of the night sucking each other and swallowing each others' sperm.

Tully's Ass Broken In By Latino Gangster

Duration: 16m, 16s, Starring Fernando Montoya, Tully

(2 Votes)

White bread stud Tully hooks up with badboy Latino gangster Fernando and takes him back to his house. Fernando's eyes are darting from side to side in a dodgy manner as soon as he walks in to the opulent middle-class home - he's obviously checking out what he's going to steal after he is through owning Tully's ass! Fernando pulls Tully's head down onto his dick, enjoying the feeling of those inexperienced Caucasian lips on his nasty brown cock. Fernando has also brought along one of his favorite sex toys, a truly huge cock shaped dildo that stretches out Tully's ass good and makes him growth and squeal. This one is fucking nasty!

Tight Latin Ass Broken In By White Cock

Duration: 17m, 50s, Starring Tully, Wes

(2 Votes)

There is a sexy new Latino guy at school, and muscle stud Tully is determined to break him in. He invites the young guy back to his house after school, knowing that his parents are going to be out for a while - he's going to have the gorgeous hunk all to himself! Tully pulls his cock out of his pants and the Latino's eyes light up in anticipation; he quickly crouches in front of his new Caucasian boyfriend and shows off his oral skills. Tully pulls off the stud's clothes, sbrothaing at the small cock and balls that he finds; but he's not interested in the dick size, because what he wants is to ram this hot Latino in his tender ass!

Muscle Hunk Tully Fingers His Tight Ass

Duration: 11m, 59s, Starring Tully

(Not Rated)

Muscular young stud Tully is seriously fucking hot! Tall and perfectly toned, who is also packing a nice cock in his pants. Your mouth will be watering as you watch him stretch out on the sofa - tall guys are just so God damn hot! He briefly shows off his ass, although he is obviously a bit shy about anal penetration; he'll finger his ass while he masturbates, but he won't let you see it! He is also neatly shaved, completely hairless apart from a small patch of pubes. He quickly thrashes himself off, one hand hidden under his ass cheeks while he fingers his butt; soon he is spurting all over those sexy wash board abdominal muscles.

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