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Dreams and Desires

Deep Stroking Makes Skinny Stud Spurt

Duration: 14m, Starring Jacob Mariner, Turner Luce

(1 Vote)

This skinny young man is swimming in his backyard pool, fantasizing about dick and idly stroking his own prick. As he pulls himself out of the pool, he sees a black mannequin standing there that wasn't there before; he lays it next to his chair .. When he stirs, there is an enormous, well muscled stud looking down at him - completely naked with an erect cock! The skinny young man is immediately enslaved, sucking on the more muscular dudes's dick and then getting fucked hard in his ass. That dick hammers him just how he needs it, stroking his prostate and making him spurt spontaneously all over his own stomach!

Young Twink Gets A Hardcore Throat Fuck

Duration: 25m, 17s, Starring Miles Patrick, Triton Rivers

(Not Rated)

To keep the spell of his magic mannequin alive, it has to be passed to another. This young college stud can't wait to get started, rubbing it all over it and paying special attention to the crotch. Sure enough, the mannequin is transformed into a good-looking young stud - with a sweet cocksucking mouth that is begging to get fucked! The magic mannequin man can't wait to get his lips wrapped around his owner's cock, and he certainly takes a hardcore throat fucking from the sex starved stud. If you fantasize about fucking a younger stud viciously in the throat until he's gagging and spluttering, then you will definitely enjoy this vid!

Mexican Stud Pounds Some Tight White Ass

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Kirk Kelley, Tony Alverez

(13 Votes)

Sexy Mexican stud Tony Alverez hears a knock at the front door; when he answers, there's no one there, except there is a headless black mannequin sitting there! He takes the mannequin inside, marvelling at the muscles of the chest and abdominals, and begins to stroke it; suddenly, it is transformed into a cute little twink who is obviously intent on sex! Tony looks down with pleasant amazement as the twink gives him a good cocksucking, slurping down his thick Latino cock. Then Tony gives the magic twink the same treatment, licking his ass, getting him ready for sex. The guys fuck hard and fast in missionary, looking each other in the eye.

Magical Mannequin Gets Fucked In The Ass

Duration: 25m, 38s, Starring Cole Power, Tully

(Not Rated)

This stud finds a magical mannequin in his living room, and when he touches it in the right spot, it mysteriously turns into a submissive cocksucking twink with an appetite for hardcore anal! The two men collapse into a passionate frenzy on the ground, kissing each other on the lips; then the magical twink goes down town, pulling down the real stud's track pants and sucking on his hard cock. He even tongues his new boyfriend's ass hole, licking his lips in satisfaction! Then the twink bends over the edge of the sofa and sticks out his butt for a deep and hard ass fucking - and that's exactly what he gets, with only spit for lube!

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