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Drunk Dudes 1

Four Queers Gang Bang In The Living Room

Duration: 19m, 50s, Starring Aco, Andrija, Erik, Sasha

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Andrija, Sasha, Erik and Aco all decided to move in together. They'd been friends since they were younger and couldn't think of a better arrangement than to all get out of their parent's basements and into a place they could call their own. Once the move was done they decided to celebrate in their favorite way! They all met up in the living room and started stripping down to nothing so each one could take turns banging the other. Fellatio is just the appetizer for these men, getting their shafts good and wet!

Four Hot Studs In A Steamy Cocksucking And Ass Fucking Orgy

Duration: 19m, 59s, Starring Andrija, Bili, Marko, Sasa

(Not Rated)

This hardcore gay orgy video gets straight into the action, with Bili, Sasa, Andrija and Marko stripping off and getting filthy. There's no semblance of a plot in this fantastic scene - just a bunch of hot body studs with great cocks and tight asses! The guys take turns blowing each other, with Sasa especially proving to be an adept cocksucker, ordering the other guys to line up to have their thick dicks worked by his slutty mouth. Then it's ass time, with the guys pairing off and taking turns screwing each other in their tight butts. There is some great reach around action, followed by four huge and explosive jizz cumshots.

Hot Horny Queer Guys Gang Banging Each Other

Duration: 19m, 8s, Starring Erik, Sasa, Sasha, Vlada

(Not Rated)

Vlada, Sasa, Sasha and Erik are having a repeat of their famous sex parties, but everyone else has already paired off and gone their separate ways to get laid. These four guys are left holding their cocks if they can't find someone to take it off their hands. Looking around, and finding only more drink and each other, they make a solid decision. Finish the drink and get busy. Once the last of it's polished off they start taking each other's shirts off and running their tongues over any flesh they can.

Fun Loving Guys Have Foursome After Their Party

Duration: 18m, 48s, Starring Bili, Erik, Milos, Slav

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Bili, Erik, Milos and Slav aren't ready for the party to end quite yet, so they're going to keep it going with a foursome that will have your toes curling in no time. These men are making sure that they're going to get as hard as possible with plenty of blowjobs and fondling. As these guys get more worked up together, they're going to explore a foursome that leaves everyone sticky and with happy smiles on their faces. There's a lot of action going on in this scene, but you'll find that the camera does a great job at capturing everyone at their hottest moments.

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