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Drunk Dudes 2

Queer House Party Turns Into A Gang Bang

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Andrija, Erik, Sasa, Vlada

(Not Rated)

Vlada, Sasa, Andrija and Erik decided to have another party. Their last one was such a huge hit, they figured another the week after would be just as big a blast, but it didn't turn out the same way. No one showed up this time, citing work or chores the next day, so they were left to themselves. All four of them just shrugged it off, brought the booze out and started some intense drinking games. Rather than spin the bottles though, they decided to rip their jeans off and go a whole lot further.

Bili And Duki Fuck Two Other Studs In The Ass

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Aco, Bili, Duki, Marko

(Not Rated)

Bili, Duki, Aco and Marko are hanging out like any other day, and while they seem like they are occupied with what they're doing, they're actually going to end up working their cocks deep inside of each other, knowing that this gay foursome is going to drive everyone absolutely crazy. They know that they are going to keep on until they're all sweaty and messy, with big smiles on their faces that show just how happy they are to finally get their foursome on. You don't get to see these guys too often after they're done drinking, and they end up having a grand time together.

Horny Gays Loving Their Gay Sex Encounter

Duration: 18m, 25s, Starring Andrija, Darko, Duki, Sasa

(Not Rated)

Sasa, Andrija, Duki and Darko are all about getting crazy and having a good time with each other, so they're going to be hitting the bottle before going after the cock. They are going after each other's dicks with a vengeance, working their hands all over those hot, naked bodies and getting crazy for the men. They know that they're going to be moaning wildly for more and more pleasure, especially going after those hard as a rock dicks that leave them feeling as filled as possible. It's simply wild to watch this gay foursome.

Vlada And Duki Take Turns Sucking And Fucking Cock

Duration: 20m, 1s, Starring Duki, Vlada

(Not Rated)

Vlada and Duki met at the bar, and struck up quite the conversation over cocktails. As they sat there laughing over their martini's and whisky sours, one of them made an offhand comment about how funny the word cocktail was, and then they locked eyes knowing what they were both after. A touch of the hand, and another quick glance before they were tonguing each others tonsils. It got hot and heavy fast, so they bid the bartender adieu and headed back to Vlada's place. They couldn't keep their hands to themselves the whole ride!

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