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Two Black Studs Work Up A Sweat

Duration: 16m, 57s, Starring Bobby Blake, Gene La Mar

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Gene La Mar and Bobby Blake both work at a gay bar. One night after they closed up both guys were horny so they started rubbing on each other and tearing each others clothes off. Bobby leaned over and sucked Gene's cock as he leaned against the bar then he turned him around, buried his face in his ass and gave him a wet rim job. Gene wanted some ass so he bent Bobby over and slammed his meat spike right into Bobby's ass. He grabbed his hips and fucked him like he was mad at him. The two guys fucked like prize fighters until they were both drenched with sweat then they took turns busting a hot not on each other.

Divine Gay Lovers Having Rough Sex After Work

Duration: 18m, 53s, Starring Bobby Blake, Dom Sinclair, Gene La Mar, Jade

(Not Rated)

It's about to get real wild in this gay bar with all four of these gay guys as horny as can be! What starts off as some innocent kissing and touching gets real hardcore quickly, as all of them take off their clothes so they can admire each other's dicks and asses. Pretty soon, their mouths are bobbing up and down on every stiff prick around the bar, and then their ass cheeks are spread open so they can feel every inch of swollen shaft penetrating their colon. Each guy is grabbed tightly and banged from behind or on top, milking their dicks inside of their assholes until each of them pull out and explode all over the other.

Black Bartender Fucks Tight Black Ass

Duration: 14m, 59s, Starring Jean Camare, Paul Hanson

(Not Rated)

Closing up the disco is one of the most boring times for a discotender, but when this hot black guy strolls in at the end of the shift, he's quickly intrigued, especially when he asks for a job. He's got the right job for him as well, as he unzips his pants and gives him a cock to feast on. The new recruit bobs his head up and down his dick, making it swell as it's jammed down his throat. The discotender gives him a good licking too, all over his shaft, balls and asshole before filling his butt with his swollen dick. The disco holds up well to the stuff of him banging his asshole, fucking him deep and showering him in a stream of his jizz.

Horny Gay Studs Do Some Dirty Work

Duration: 14m, 43s, Starring Bobby Blake, Mack Daniels

(Not Rated)

When the hard working day is done, these buff gay guys know how to party! This guy is working his ass while still wearing his hard hat, trying to entice his hung black lover to get him a piece of this ass. It works, as he goes on his knees and sucks on his boyfriend's pecker, licking it up and down and covering it in drool. He returns the favor with some deep throating of his own, before bending over and offering up his asshole for his monster cock. The black guy puts the hard hat on in preparation for some dirty work of his own, as he fucks his ass before they both shoot their loads, including his on the hard hat!

Gay Black Guys Randy Cochran And Duke Johnson Fuck

Duration: 20m, 33s, Starring Duke Johnson, Randy Cochran

(Not Rated)

The bartender at this black gay bar has been watching the guy in the corner unsuccessfully try to pick up all night. As it gets to closing time, he takes pity on the wannabe fucker sitting morosely in the corner. He strikes up a conversation and soon the horny black men are sucking each other's cocks. Then the bartender gets up on all fours on top of a table so the lonesome guy can lick his asshole. Lying on his back, his asshole dripping with saliva, the bartender gets fucked hard in his tight ass, making him moan loudly. He gets pumped in his butt faster and faster until his buddy gushes his hot load all over his stomach.

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