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Feet & Inches

Cute Euro Boys Slurping Down Dick

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Jason Desjardin, Toine Rousseau

(3 Votes)

Toine Rousseau and Jason Desjardin are cute Euro twinks that are in the mood for a fuck to warm themselves up. The winter is coming there, and they don't seem to appreciate that very much. They end up back at Toine's house, and he is certainly a nice host. He starts off by sucking Jason's dick, getting it all the way to the back of his throat. Before long he is bending over - he is a total bottom - and he feels the way that dick just spreads open his rim. It is almost too much for him and he almost cums right there.

Gay Jocks Fucking in the Laundry

Duration: 17m, 46s, Starring Alain DuPont, Rick LaFonte

(4 Votes)

I don't know what kind of pick up line making nachos is, but apparently it works out great for Alain DuPont. He gets Rick LaFonte in the house, although he makes the mistake of letting Rick in the laundry. He goes in there and starts sniffing all of the underwear, which gets Alain to come in the room and demand a blowjob. It's a very odd scene to start off with, but they end up having sex in the middle of the laundry room. Now that beats the laundromat any day, although gay pantie sniffing is a new one for me.

Gay 69 With Lots of Foot Fetish

Duration: 19m, 42s, Starring Billy Gascon, Matieu Taillon

(4 Votes)

Matieu Taillon has suffered from an annoying lack of a ride - until now. Billy Gascon drives by and stops for this stormy hunk. Off into the city they go, and they end up back at Billy's place. I don't know whose idea that was, but I do know that these guys are horny as hell. They start off with a kiss and a hand to the crotch - that's properly subtle, I'm sure. They fuck in front of the fire place, making this one of the most romantic gay sex scenes that I have ever seen. They even work in a 69 and gay foot fetish in here.

Movie Watching Turns to Gay Fucking

Duration: 18m, 33s, Starring Alain Medio, Bryan Gaspe

(3 Votes)

Sometimes a good movie is all it takes to make a guy very horny - and once Alain Medio and Bryan Gaspe get bored with the movie, they start occupying themselves with each other. They start out very slow, although not subtle in the least. They go straight for the dicks once their clothes come off, and there is no reluctance at all in this pair. The dick sucking is some of the best I've ever seen, and I bet it is much better than whatever movie they happened to be watching. They end wrapped up in each other's arms, covered in cum.

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