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Black Gay Hotties Masturbating Together

Duration: 12m, 23s, Starring Jones Bank, Robert H

(Not Rated)

Robert H and Jones Bank are both really sexy black gay guys - and they always like to make a date to masturbate together. First the cocks come out, and then their hands work their way up and down those long shafts. There is nothing quite like seeing them get hard nice and slow, a total stiffy just making me weak at the knees and horny as hell. They keep on going for about 12 minutes, standing up and working their cocks side by side. Now that is one of those types of scenes that are just fucking hot as hell.

Closet Ebony Gays Have Secret Rough Oral

Duration: 7m, 31s, Starring Darren Dirk, Stanley

(4 Votes)

These horny gays haven't come out to their friends yet, so they have to sneak into each other's bedrooms at night for their dirty sexual fun. If any of their masculine friends found out, they would be ridiculed and humiliated, so they keep their homosexual activities under wraps. In this particular scene, the darker black stud is lying in his bed when his lighter skinned friend sneaks into his room. Taking his prick into his mouth, he swallows as much as he can, almost gagging on the dick. The submissive cocksucker lies on his back and his dominant friend feeds him his cock, straightening out his throat so he can it in get all the way.

Mutual Gay Masturbation with Ebony Hunks

Duration: 12m, 38s, Starring Mike Wise, Steffan Burk

(Not Rated)

Mike Wise and Steffan Burk start this scene out with some mutual masturbation - and it is mighty delicious, I must say. At first they don't really look at each other, so all you really hear is their hands going and going. Soon the grunting and the moaning starts, as they can't help themselves. They do cast glances at each other then, their hands working away with a steady fap fap fap. These black gay guys have some very impressive dicks, so it's no wonder they might want to masturbate together - they're a matched pair.

Athletic Gay Black Men Sucking Dick

Duration: 10m, 5s, Starring Cobey, Darnell

(2 Votes)

Darnell and Cobey are black stallions the like of which you would have wet dreams over every night. These guys are just fucking gorgeous. They are very muscular, but not gross bodybuilder muscular. Their asses are super tight, and those dicks...oh let me tell you about those dicks. There is nothing quite like seeing a horny gay black man, because fuck his shit is just sticking out as stiff as a board and all he really wants is for someone to deepthroat him. He definitely gets assistance from his friend, along with some lasting memories of an awesome blowjob.

Afro Dude Stroking His Big Dick

Duration: 8m, 54s, Starring Shawn W

(Not Rated)

Okay, so maybe this guy could stand to do something different with his hair - I'm not a big fan of the fro. However, there's nothing that can make me take my eyes off of his dick once he gets it completely hard. That thing is massive! And there's something about the way he masturbates that really makes me fall in love with this hard muscled guy. What I don't get is why he's wearing sunglasses in masturbate. Maybe his cum is that explosive that he really, really needs eye protection. Hrm...

Big Dick Black Hunk Stroking Dick

Duration: 9m, 11s, Starring Tommy Drake

(1 Vote)

Do you love just watching a muscular black man playing with his big dick? If you do, then you're in luck. Tommy Drake is one absolutely gorgeous chiseled hunk of man meat, and he seems incredibly happy to set up the camera and then start stroking his dick. I could not take my eyes off of his body for awhile, though. He just has a great athletic look, almost like he's a basketball player. Eventually I did drft down to his dick, and I was certainly happy with what I found there. He is giant! I'd get a cramp just trying to stroke that thing.

Toned Black Guy Jerks Off His Great Cock

Duration: 9m, 43s, Starring Stevenson L

(Not Rated)

Black gay stud Stevenson jerks himself off in this incredible black solo guy scene. He is looking hot as always, with a toned and muscular stomach with a neat goatee. His cock is thick, long and hard, and he has bushy black pubes that haven't seen a razor for a while. Spitting on has palm for lubrication, he begins to stroke himself slowly at first, and you will be amazed at how his already large semierect penis grows to a gargantuan monster when he achieves a full erection. By the end of the scene he is really thrashing himself, and he shoots a thick stream of spunk that hits him in the face and splashes all over his chest.

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