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Four Elements of Desire

Young Twink Gets Painful Anal Pounding

Duration: 31m, 40s, Starring Andrey, Leo Passos

(3 Votes)

Four young men are going for a walk in the woods one day. There is plenty of joking around and macho bravado. However, they begin to get nervous when they meet a mystic monk on the path, his face veiled by his dark and menacing cloak. He warns them of danger on the path ahead, but they continue regardless. One particularly good-looking young man gets separated from the rest of the group, and he stumbles upon a strange ethnic tribesman on the path. He is taken aback by the good-looking native's rippling muscles and that sweet throbbing cock hidden underneath his underpants! The young guy gets a hardcore ass fucking from the native.

Two Guys Go At It In The Woods Hardcore

Duration: 26m, 33s, Starring Junior Carioca, Sandro D'Lucca

(5 Votes)

We start off with two guys out in the woods who meet up and almost immediately start making out. Before long the guy who has clothes on gets them taken off and the other guy pulls out his massive black dick and starts sucking on it. Then the guy who's doing the sucking's underwear comes off as well. Then the black guy eats out the others ass before the other starts sucking on his large dick again. Then the guy bends over and gets the others large black dick in his ass as he gives himself a hand job. He gets fucked hardcore before the other guy lays down so that he can ride his huge dick while giving himself a hand job.

Big Cock Gays Have Hot Sex In Outdoors

Duration: 24m, 46s, Starring Dado Moraes, Patrick Lost

(1 Vote)

Two good-looking and athletic studs meet in a natural, wooded area for some hardcore sex in the outdoors. One guy is covered with a kind of war paint that makes him look partly like a wild tribesman and partly like a diseased leper. He has an ugly balding head, but the other man, an extremely good-looking young stud with only a small bald spot, seems to find him extremely attractive. The younger man bends over in front of the bald one, who licks his new buddy's ass and then fucks him. The younger guy has got a large cock that flops around as he bounces on his older friend's shaft. The young guy also fucks the baldy in his poo chute.

Two Guys Go At It Hard In The Outdoors

Duration: 25m, 56s, Starring Kaua Ribeiro, Yago Camargo

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As we start this we immediately see two guys who just start making out. Then one guy is on his knees sucking the other guys' dick through his underwear before he pulls the underwear off so that the guy can suck his long hard dick properly. Then the second guy takes the first guys shirt off before making his way down to pull off his pans. Then the second guy lays on a table and the first starts sucking his long hard dick again. He sucks it good taking it in and out of his mouth so well. Then he takes off his underwear to expose his long, rock solid dick as he starts sucking the other guys dick some more.

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