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Frat House Cum Buddies

Hot And Sloppy Rim Job Fun In The Woods

Duration: 12m, 27s, Starring Dakota, Max

(Not Rated)

Gorgeous young college boys Dakota and Max head out to the woods to practice putting up their tent. It's a blazing hot day, so they both take off their shirts as they walk, openly admiring each others' toned bodies. They lay their tent down on the ground, but that's as far as they get - because they press their hard bodies up against each other, feeling each others' hard bulges and kissing on the lips! Both men squat down on the ground, sucking each other and licking each others' tender, sensitive assholes - rim jobs definitely play a prominent role in this scene! The blond Dakota screws Max in his ass, pumping him until it gets dark.

Pool Guys Have A Steamy Missionary Fuck

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Luis, Rico Zaas

(Not Rated)

Despite the fact that this is a hardcore porno, this could almost be described as quite a romantic fuck. Luis and Rico meet each other in the pool area, immediately hitting it off - and openly admiring each others' bulges in their pants! Arm in arm, they retire to a mattress on the concrete floor around the corner from the pool, where they can have a little privacy as they get each other off. There is plenty of oral to kick things off, with the guys rolling around in a hot 69, thrusting in and out of each others' mouths. Both of these guys are seriously packing! Then they have a hot missionary fuck, with lots of steamy eye contact.

School Nerd Sucks Cock And Gets Fucked

Duration: 20m, 52s, Starring Chad, Zack Bennett

(1 Vote)

When Zack invites the school geek, Chad, over to study, it's not the books that he is intent on hitting! Chad looks surprised as Zack strokes his cock on the way in the door, pushing him boldly down onto the sofa. However, when Zack pulls out his cock and presents it to Chad, right in his face, Chad can't resist leaning forward and starting to suck! He turns out to be an eager cocksucker, letting out all of his sexual frustrations on that hard piece of man meat. Then Chad bends over, pulling his own pale ass cheeks apart, desperate to get fucked in his tender ass - and that's exactly what he gets, hard, deep and extremely nasty!

Young Guys Suck Each Other In Their Tent

Duration: 18m, 54s, Starring Bryce, Ryan

(Not Rated)

This is why you should never let a couple of horny college guys be alone in their tent together! As soon as Bryce and Ryan have put up their tent, getting themselves a little privacy, all hell breaks looks. Even though it's a tiny one-man tent, they both manage to squeeze in there, kissing each other passionately on the mouth as they tear off each others' shorts. The first half of this vid is taken up with hot mutual cocksucking, with both guys eagerly slurping down each others' schlongs. There's not enough room in the tent for anal, so the guys throw caution to the wind and do each other from the back leaning up against a wall.

Perfect Cocksucker Asks For Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 18m, 29s, Starring Dakota, Isaiah

(1 Vote)

Experienced ass fucker Dakota has got himself a new, eager boi to play with - corn-fed college dude Isaiah, who is a horny cocksucker if ever there was one! Dakota puts his cap on backwards, pulling out his cock out as his sexy partner goes down on him, holding his balls daintily in one hand as he deepthroats. Despite his youth, the cocksucker has got superb technique, with a moist, slippery mouth and an active tongue. Once he can taste the first drops of salty precum at the back of his throat, Isaiah kneels down and sticks out his ass, looking over his shoulder and inviting his fuck buddy to do him in his tight rear end.

Skinny Stud Cums From Deep Ass Thrusting

Duration: 11m, 4s, Starring Kyle, Shaun Stag

(Not Rated)

As if they weren't tired enough after football practice, studs Shaun and Kyle get frisky in the backyard before their parents get home. Pale-skinned Kyle is definitely the submissive one in this hardcore football fuck, giving his more tanned and muscular buddy Shaun a good blow job and then lying down on his back for sex. Muscular Shaun really gives it to him good, lifting Kyle's legs up around his ears for the maximum anal penetration that he can get. Kyle arches his back and squeals as he gets a massive cock thrust deep into his guts. He loves every second of this nasty thrusting! In fact, it makes him spontaneously spurt on himself.

Self Sucking Stud Shows Oral Abilities

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Cade Cameron, Lucifer

(1 Vote)

After romantically getting to know each other over a meal, young studs Cade and Lucifer disappear to the bedroom. Lucifer has got a trick that he wants to show his new fuck buddy - he can suck his own dick! That's right, lucky Lucifer is one of those select few who are both flexible and well endowed enough to be able to blow themselves. After Lucifer has got his lips warmed up on his own dick, he leans over and takes his new friend's cock in his mouth and starts to suck on that! After both men have tasted each others' pricks, Cade bends over and gets fucked from the back by big dick Lucifer, who watches himself in the mirror as he thrusts.

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