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Frat Initiations 2

Exchange Student Squeals In Anal Pain

Duration: 21m, Starring Kristoff

(2 Votes)

This exclusive frat really doesn't like foreigners, so when exchange student Kristoff wants to join their club, they do him extra rough! He is all smiles at the beginning of the video, although his face soon falls as he is blindfolded, stripped and has his hands tied behind his back. He doesn't really mind the handjob, moaning in a delightful fashion as he spurts all over the floor. The blow job action is also fun, with Kristoff showing a remarkable skill at sucking dick. However, the anal fingering is rough and nasty, with Kristoff grunting and squealing in pain as his initiator sticks his thick thumb right in to Kristoff's butt!

Horny Farmboy Jerked And Anally Fingered

Duration: 20m, 46s, Starring Andrew

(1 Vote)

Cute blond corn-fed farmboy Andrew has really got to prove himself to get into this exclusive fraternity! He's already out of his depth as he gets blindfolded, and he jerks nervously as his initiator grabs his dick. However, when Andrew is bent over and has a big cock rammed in his face, he sucks it willingly enough! He's got a hot little dick sucking mouth, too! Then he gets bent over once again, his ass lubed up and fingered while his cock gets pumped. The combination of prostate stimulation and handjob action soon has him dribbling his sperm all over his own legs and the floor. This horny little farmboy is going to fit in just fine!

Hot Hardbody Gymnast Fingered In The Ass

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Nick

(Not Rated)

Hardbody gymnast Nick is really put through his paces for his frat initiation. Being a gymnast, this guy has got an incredible body, perfectly proportioned, well muscled but not too bulky. He is also packing a really nice cock in his white underpants! At first he seems quite staunch, but you can see a little bit of nervousness in his demeanor as he is blindfolded by his hooded examiner. He gets jerked off right on camera, grunting softly as he spurts his hot jizz all over the floor. Then he really starts to moan as he gets bent over, with his initiator putting on a pair of rubber gloves and fingering him roughly in the ass!

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