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Frat Initiations 8

Hockey Player Takes A Huge Dildo In Butt

Duration: 18m, 29s, Starring

(1 Vote)

Tim is a gorgeous hockey player who looks like he should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This squarejawed male is seriously photogenic! It turns out that he is also an eager slut for gay sex; whilst some of the other initiates in this dirtyfraternity try and resist getting anally plundered, he welcomes it! He's blindfolded, but he seems to instinctively know as soon as his initiator gets his cock out that he is supposed to suck it. Then he willingly bends over, doing his best to spread his ass cheeks with his bound hands as he gets fucked hard in the ass by an extremely large dildo - with virtually no lubrication!

Ex-Army Guy Screwed Painfully In The Ass

Duration: 18m, 51s, Starring Jack Porter

(1 Vote)

Young college stud Jack Porter thought that he saw a thing or two in Afghanistan - but he has never suffered like he is going to suffer in this painful anal initiation! He's blindfolded, stripped and his hands are tied behind his back, revealing a body that has been toned by military training. He's a medium-sized cock that looks oh so tasty on that ripped body! He doesn't seem to mind sucking his initiator's cock, but he grunts and squeals like a bitch as he is bent over at the waist and screwed in the ass by the other big cock male! It's so sexy watching him getting sodomized with his hands tied behind his back - he's completely helpless!

Farmboy Cries While Anally Stimulated

Duration: 13m, 10s, Starring Dave

(2 Votes)

Dave is a serious young man from the Midwest who isn't used to playing with other guys. At first, when he is blindfolded and handcuffed as part of this initiation ritual, he thinks that it is probably typical of a hazing. However, he starts to have his doubts as his initiator strips off Dave's clothes, leaving him standing stark naked underneath the bright spotlight! Dave moans as he feels the initiator's lips wrap around his straight cock, but he soon bristles to a full erection - you can't beat that moist friction! He starts to whimper and almost cries as a large dildo is inserted into his ass, but once again, friction wins in the end!

Initiate Humiliated With His Pants Down

Duration: 19m, 19s, Starring Alexi Anderhoff

(Not Rated)

Shy Russian stud Alexi is obviously terrified at his initiation. Even though his eyes are covered by the blindfold, you can tell that he feels pathetic and humiliated as he stands completely naked in front of the camera with his hands tied behind his back. The assembled men in the room laugh as has initiator pulls down Alexi's pants, revealing a thick mass of pubic hair - and a rather small and shrivelled cock! He's so ashamed that he can't even get hard as his initiator rubs the small flap of flesh; to get some enjoyment out of the poor initiate, he gets bent over with three fingers shoved into his ass while he moans in pain and humiliation.

Football Stud Ass Fucked With Big Dildo

Duration: 16m, 2s, Starring Joe Bruno

(1 Vote)

Straight acting football stud Joe Bruno gets reduced to a quivering mess in this dirtyfraternity initiation. The stud strips and is blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back; he's got a beefy and muscular body that will definitely make your mouth water. His flat and toned abdominal muscles lead down to a medium-sized cock that soon swells to epic proportions as he is jerked off by his initiator. He grunts, thrusting into the closed hand of his initiator, desperate for release; but just as he's about to cum, the hand is withdrawn and a big fat cock shoved into Joe's mouth! He also gets done in his extremely tight ass with a dildo.

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