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Frat Initiations 9

Young Military Stud Knows How To Suck

Duration: 40m, 17s, Starring Tully

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Tully is a strapping and masculine young stud with a military bearing. However, like a lot of guys who have been in the army, he really knows how to suck a good cock! He is blindfolded and handcuffed, standing completely nude underneath a bright spotlight for his frat initiation. You can tell that he's proud of his muscular body and large cock, and the initiator licks his lips before he goes down on the young buck. For his part, Tully is eager to show his oral abilities, deepthroating and sliding his teeth across his initiator's foreskin in a sexy, teasing manner. He sucks the guy off straight to his mouth, gulping down the load.

Blindfolded Stud Has Two Fingers Up Ass

Duration: 25m, 16s, Starring Tony

(Not Rated)

You've got to love it when they screen! Tony is scared - he doesn't know what to expect during this fraternity initiation, but he knows it's going to be bad! He is blindfolded and he has his hands fastened behind his back before he gets stripped completely nude, showing off a hairy body with extremely thick pubes. The other men in the room laugh at his little cock, and he tries to cover it unsuccessfully. Their laughter increases as Tony is bent over, his ass cheeks spread wide open by his initiator's gloved hands; one and then two fingers are rammed up his virginal butt. You can see tears streaming down his face underneath the blindfold.

Hot Latino David Has A Magnificent Cock

Duration: 20m, Starring David

(2 Votes)

Hot blooded Latino David has got one fucking magnificent cock! With a piece like that, he is guaranteed entry into this dirtyhomosexual fraternity, but he still has to go through his nasty initiation. Even as he is being blindfolded and having his hands tied behind his back, there's a confident smile on David's face - he knows that any red blooded male is going to be impressed by what he's packing in his trousers. His initiator gives a soft gasp as he pulls down the Latino's pants, with his cock springing out and just about hitting the man in the face - it's huge, and hard as a rock. Wait until you see it glisten during the blow job!

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