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Birthday Party Turns To Massive Gay Orgy

Duration: 27m, 49s, Starring Daniel Paxton, Jean Guttenberg, Johnny Weiss, Tony Magera

(4 Votes)

This steamy all male birthday party starts off in traditional enough fashion, with a toast and some delicious food. However, when the men head indoors, things take a turn for the lascivious - with a hardcore six-man orgy breaking out in the living room! At first the men pair off with each other, kissing and sucking, but then once they strip, all hell breaks loose! The middle of the living room floor is a tangle of arms and legs as the guys ride together, pumping each other's butts; around the periphery of the room, other men stand in the shadows and masturbate, jizzing straight on the floor and the copulating couples in front of them.

Initiation Means Three-Way Ass Fucking

Duration: 21m, 22s, Starring Adrian Bradshaw, Matt Bird, Sergio Foster, Soto Donovan

(2 Votes)

The new guy wants to get into the frat house, but first he has to pay his dues! In this particular the frat house, that means getting pounded in the ass and sucking a whole bunch of dicks - along with a healthy dose of creamy sperm! Three muscular young men stand in front of the new entrant, rubbing their hard cocks all over his face and cramming them down his throat. He does his best to suck, but these guys are insistant, fucking him in the mouth with a real sense of urgency. Then they take turns doing him in the ass on the floor, fucking him hard and rough and really gaping out his butthole. He screws up his face in pain - very hot!

Three Hot Dudes In Steamy Three-Way Fuck

Duration: 24m, 32s, Starring Jack Laurel, Leslie Manzel, Roberto Giorgio

(4 Votes)

There are some incredible bodies and muscular cocks in this steamy gay threesome featuring studs Jack Laurel, Robert Giorgio and Leslie Manzel. The action takes place at the foot of the stairs in a splendid mansion, with the guys peeling off their clothes while they maintain unbroken, provocative eye contact. In another scenario, it would look like they were about to have a fight - but in this case, they are about to fuck each other hard in the ass and choke down each others' cocks! Each man gets a turn at being center stage, with the other two men sucking on his meat and riding his prick, followed by three incredible cumshots.

Romantic Anal Fuck In Luxurious Mansion

Duration: 23m, 10s, Starring Eddie Schulz, Tony Magera

(2 Votes)

You'll love this stylized and romantic fuck between two gorgeous and muscular European guys. In a luxurious European mansion, these two hot guys get naked on the bed in a well lit bedroom. First things kick off with some romantic kissing and licking, with the two men rubbing their rippling muscles together - and their extremely hard cocks! One of the men is slightly smaller and more submissive than his more muscular friend, and he goes down on his muscle stud buddy, giving him a superb blow job. The muscle man puts on a condom, always careful, and then slides slowly but surely into his boyfriend's anus, starting up a steady pumping.

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