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Fresh Meat: 100% Straight Dudes! 1

Solo Surfer Puts On Masturbation Show

Duration: 22m, 17s, Starring Bobby

(Not Rated)

If you've ever been down to the beach on a sunny day you are sure to have seen those good-looking, tanned and muscular surfers striding around in virtually nothing. Wouldn't you love to see what they've got underneath those swimming trunks? The scene follows gorgeous surfer boy Bobby as he goes to the beach. As he walks through the sand dunes with a surfboard, he peels off his wetsuit to reveal a pair of tight buns and a nice thick cock. Back at the crib he continues the solo action, pumping himself to an erection and masturbating furiously while the camera rolls. He spunks off all over his own dick, getting it wet with cream.

Sexy Straight Guy Jerks Off On To Duvet

Duration: 15m, 29s, Starring Jason

(Not Rated)

This cute straight guy has got a great body and a really nice cock. He's got a great head of hair with a moustache, showing his youth and virility. He is quite shy and nervous as he strips off, obviously not used to having a gay man with a camera watching him take his clothes off! However, he's got nothing to be afraid of - with a body like that, he must have lovers all over town, whether they are men or women! He pumps his shaft eagerly, obviously feeling a bit turned on by the scene - perhaps this guy has bisexual tendencies? He jerks his prick furiously, finally spurting all over the duvet and leaving his white cream lying there.

Hot Straight Marine Masturbating

Duration: 19m, 43s, Starring Jeremy

(Not Rated)

Jeremy is a sexy Marine with the hot and sculpted body that you would love to see in all army men, and he doesn't mind getting naked to show off his wonderful body. He starts off by pushing down his jeans just a bit, revealing a nice hefty dick that goes great with his incredible physique. He works his dick nice and hard, getting it stiffer and stiffer with every passing second. He also makes sure to stand over the camera at one point, so you can get a great view of his ass. It's such a tight, sweet ass indeed.

Shy Straight Guy Strips Naked On Camera

Duration: 15m, 46s, Starring Todd

(Not Rated)

Check out this enormously cute straight guy! His name is Todd and he's little bit shy about being on a gay porn vid - what would his buddies on the sports team think? However, he needs a bit of cash to fund his college studies, so the cameraman eventually convinces him to get naked. As the camera rolls, he pulls off his shirt to reveal his broad and muscular chest, following that by removing his pants until he is just wearing his socks. He's got a really nice uncut cock, very long and thick. He pumps it to a semi erection but he can't quite get completely hard - but these straight guys are so cute when they're shy!

Sexy Navy Straight Stud Masturbating

Duration: 20m, 31s, Starring Bill

(Not Rated)

Although it'd be nice if all of these sexy straight guys could just turn gay already, but watching them laying back and masturbating is the next best thing. Bill is a Navy Seal, and he has the ripped body that you would think of when it comes to talking about military men. He has broad shoulders, perfectly sculpted abs, and a dick that will make your ass tense up in anticipation. He takes his sweet time masturbating, working his hand up and down that dick until he's about to explode, and then the cum dribbles right over his dick.

Hot Bi Guy Taking on Straight Dude

Duration: 21m, 28s, Starring John, Mark

(1 Vote)

Straight to gay is always an interesting type of scene to watch, especially when you see the straight guys come around and really embrace their gay or bisexual side. John is a bi guy that has always had the hots for his straight friend Mark, and once he gets his straight friend nice and excited, he brings it up. Wouldn't you know it, it doesn't take all that much convincing to get Mark to lose his anal virginity, and he gets to experience the pure joy that comes from sucking another guy's dick. Now that's hot.

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