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Gaelic Holes

Hunky Homos Sex On The Pool Table

Duration: 22m, 44s, Starring Ike Knorr, Milner Macavoy

(Not Rated)

An amusing scene about a gay bar and what goes on inside of it during a typical night. Part of that is the imagination of some of the guys, what they imagine the guys doing. Like the guy sitting at the bar watching two guys play pool imagines one of them laying on the pool table naked and jacking off. There is a great deal of sexual tension in this scene and the guys in it are super hot. The best part about it, is that like the guy at the bar, you too can imagine what happens when these two get naked and dirty. It is hard to keep your eyes on the sex when the guys are this good looking!

David And Palenti Strip In Fuck In Vintage Scene

Duration: 17m, 55s, Starring David Foreen, Palenti Chovey

(1 Vote)

Two sexy men meet in a bar and glance at each other in a knowing way. After some eye contact and a few motions they agree to meet in the bathroom. The first one goes in and sits on the toilet and when the second one comes in, he kneels in front of the guy and starts blowing him while he is on the toilet. The other guy then takes his turn at cock sucking. Within moments one of the guys is bent over the sink and taking it up the ass as the other guy thrusts inside his ass like he is on a mission and then quickly comes on his ass. They kiss passionately before going their separate ways

Arnold And Fredrick Suck Each Others Dicks

Duration: 16m, 59s, Starring Arnold Potchivnky, Fredrik

(Not Rated)

Two good looking guys meet in a bar. Their eyes meet and they are instantly attracted to each other. A gentle touch of the hand lets each other know that there is sexual interest. They hug, then they caress and they explore a bit. Their clothes come off and the blonde with long hair and good build starts sucking on his rock hard dick. He massages his balls, and works the head with his mouth. They then start to 69 right on the bar and then the blonde takes over again, sucking him, encouraging him to cum in his mouth which the guy does and almost collapses the orgasm is that intense

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