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Gay Blind Date Sex 4

Gay Blind Date Gets Heated Up

Duration: 20m, 4s, Starring Kyle, Shane Levi

(3 Votes)

Young hot Kyle is just bubbling with energy and enthusiasm for his blind date. Shane is a home town country boy who is looking to find someone to spend time with. There is an instant attraction between the two of them and they cuddle up in the back seat. Kyle likes the top and Shane is a bottom dweller so they are a match made in heaven. They head back to the house where there is a little more room to play. They give each other a warm wet blow job, making their cocks get stiffer and stiffer until Kyle is ready penetrate Shane's sweet young ass.

Gay Blind Date Ends in Fuck Fest

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring Tyboi, Vaughn

(3 Votes)

Texan Vaughn has only been in town a week and he is already looking for some gay love. Tyboi is just looking to have someone else do the hooking up for him. These ebony studs spend some time getting to know each other over a bite to eat. When they get back to the house things get a little heated when Vaughn initiates the first blow job, swallowing the whole hard black boner. Once it is all lubed up he produces his ass, lifting it high in the air so Tyboi can easily slip his cock into the tight hole.

Young Guy's Ass Filled To Breaking Point

Duration: 23m, 37s, Starring Chad, Jake

(Not Rated)

A lot of guys worry about hair loss, and actually it's quite needless; a lot of younger guys get turned on by the signs of maturity that baldness represents. As soon as young cocksucker Chad sees his new fuck buddy, balding stud Jake, in the back seat, he breaks out in a big smile - he can't wait to get dirty with this tough older man! These guys really do get filthy, pushing the bounds of decency and obscenity with some extremely hard anal sex on the couch. Young Chad strokes his own little cock as he gets power fucked in his butthole, as his hole is filled to breaking point with some rock hard man meat. He gets it damn good!

Huge Black Cock Delivers Painful Anal

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring Jay Jay, Romeo

(3 Votes)

Get a couple of horny, big cock black thugs together and you know what's going to happen - hardcore anal sex! As soon as slender stud Jay Jay sees the impressive bulk of Romeo in the back seat, he knows that he can't wait to find out what's hiding beneath those pants! It's even better than he was expecting, and the smaller man goes down on that big cock with frightening eagerness. He makes himself choke and gag on the cock, swallowing it right as far down to the back of his throat as he can. However, this dick is literally bigger than a footlong sandwich, and the head is larget than a clecnched fist! The anal is understandably painful.

White Dude Struggles To Take Black Dick

Duration: 23m, 32s, Starring Devin Majors, Troy

(Not Rated)

It's incredible the fetish some white guys have for black dick! As black stud Devin and Caucasian fucker Troy eye each other nervously on the back seat, you can see the look of undisguised lust in Troy's eyes. Devin knows he's in for a good time - he's got himself another horny white cocksucker! Back in the privacy of the bedroom, Troy can't wait to get that dick in his mouth, relishing the musky, salty taste of the precum oozing out of that black dick as he swallows it. Then he bounces on the dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, stroking his own penis as his prostate gets massage by that stiff black monster.

Horny Cocksucker Slurps A Filthy Cock

Duration: 23m, 18s, Starring Jacob, Justin

(2 Votes)

As soon as you see muscular stud Justin and his small buddy Jacob sitting in the back of the van, it's immediately obvious who is going to be the daddy figure. When they get naked with each other on the couch your intuition will prove correct, as Justin gets on his knees to give his toy boy a quick cocksucking before he fucks him in the ass! The younger, smaller man bounces enthusiastically on top, rubbing his own flaccid penis as he gets impaled and speared with the rigid pole. He sucks out the cum into his mouth, regardless of how filthy that cock is, having just been in his tender ass. Wouldn't you love to know a cocksucker like this?

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