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Gay College Sex Parties 1

Horny College Gay Guys Fucking

Duration: 24m, 6s, Starring Alex, Austin

(Not Rated)

Alex and Austin love hitting the frat parties together, however they don't really spend all that much time doing party stuff. Nope they just go to the parties to get out of their dorms so they can fuck. I don't know if the other guys know what that sticky stuff is all over their beds, but today at this party at least everyone is in on it. I mean hell, they surround them and start snapping pictures once Alex starts sucking dick. I'm pretty sure that means they're going to know what the mess is all about afterwards.

Black on Black Gay College Fucking

Duration: 19m, 4s, Starring Blake, Chad

(Not Rated)

Blake and Chad are the type of black gay guys that you would always want to watch. They are wandering around this frat party, getting as much booze as possible and in general getting into naughty things. They find a somewhat quiet corner to start with the blowjob. Now I have to admit that I have a big weakness for guys in dreads, and especially black guys in dreads. Guess what this guy has? Yup you guessed it - he's a big dick chocolate god with dreads. If you like black gay porn you are going to love this.

Depraved College Guys Have A Hot Threesome

Duration: 27m, 36s, Starring Dakota, Darvin, Kyle

(Not Rated)

After a rowdy college party, three gay studs abandon their straight friends and head straight to the dorm room. The guys can't be open about their homosexuality, so they are restricted to performing their acts behind closed doors. They get naked on the bed, giving each other erotic massages and admiring each others' toned young bodies. They lie in a circle sucking each others' cocks, and then one guy, the most submissive of the three, gets nominated as the fuck slut for the day. These are responsible boys, and they don condoms before they take their the friend's asshole.

Gays Have a Fuck In Front Of Crowd

Duration: 19m, 37s, Starring Lee, Michael

(Not Rated)

At a rowdy college party, two horny gay guys hook up on the couch in the corner of the darkened living room. There are at least 30 other people watching, standing around and shouting out their encouragement as the guys begin kissing. Spurred on by the enthusiasm of the crowd, the guys get completely nude, with one guy sucking on the other guy's hard shaft. Then the cocksucker bends over the edge of the couch, pulling his hairy buttocks apart to reveal his almost virgin asshole. His buddy spits on the hole, sticking one thumb in before he slides his prick right inside, to the cheers of the crowd. He fucks him hard and deep.

Sexy Gay Guys Hook Up At A Party

Duration: 22m, 58s, Starring Neo, Tab

(1 Vote)

This all male party is banging, with some of the finest twinks around. Two of them, Neo and Tab, distance themselves from the rest of the group to just talk, but when he spots his buddy's enormous boner protruding from his pants, things get quite hot and heavy. He wraps his thick lips around that meaty member, sucking it to get it to swell up even more than it was already. After getting it that hard, you know he wanted it in his ass, so he got on top of him and slowly inched it deep inside his cornhole, riding his cock to the rhythm of the music. He took it even harder when he was bent over, and was then coated with his pal's hot cum.

Amateur Gay Coed Dorm Fucking

Duration: 32m, 6s, Starring Jones, Tiger

(Not Rated)

If you have never been to a frat party before, then you have no idea what you're missing in the dimly lit rooms. It might be hard to see at first, but Tiger and Jones are taking full advantage of this free time to go ahead and start sucking on each other. They are surrounded by other guys who are commenting and cheering them on the entire time, which just makes them want to go harder and faster. The last thing an exhibitionist needs is some encouragement - they just keep on feeding off of it until they explode.

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