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Hot Young Twink Butt Fucked By Pool Boy

Duration: 21m, 48s, Starring Chad Fitch, Lewis Cannon

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Wealthy young stud Chad is in the pool when the pool boy, tall and muscular pimp Lewis, comes over to rake the leaves out of the water. Lewis can't keep his eyes off the skinny young twink, jumping in to the pool with the lad and playfully splashing him. Chad feels Lewis's erection against his ass, pushing back against the meat and teasing the older stud with his tender buttocks. Chad leads tall Lewis into the bedroom, pulling out the older guy's cock and starting to suck. The guys have a hot missionary fuck, with Chad jerking himself off while he gets fucked in the ass - and then he gets a sphincter full of Lewis's hot sperm!

Hot Mechanic Greases Up His Young Client

Duration: 25m, 12s, Starring Lucian Alexander, Vance Caldwell

(2 Votes)

Lucian is an effeminate twink who doesn't know much about manly tasks like fixing cars - so when his truck breaks down, he has to get his dominant, studly friend Vance over to fix the vehicle! Vance diagnoses and fixes the problem, and he won't take money for payment - instead, he wants to get his dick worked by the hard body twink! Lucian is immediately erect as his mechanic friend pushes him up against the wall, rubbing his crotch through his pants; even without being asked, Lucian drops to his knees and starts sucking! Before you know it, the sexy twink is bent over the hood of his own vehicle, groaning as his butt gets pumped.

Young Twink Ass Fucked In Back Of Truck

Duration: 22m, 29s, Starring Blake Carter, Kenny C

(2 Votes)

Once they've finished their chores, gorgeous young studs Kenny and Blake have some fun kicking a soccer ball around. However, it's balls of a different sort that they are really eager to play with! The guys pull down each others' shorts and suck each other right in the middle of the field. For such youthful chaps, they have got really filthy little mouths on them! It's a hot day out, burning their fair skin, so they relax in the back of the truck, with slutty young Blake mounting his new boyfriend's thick cock. Then Blake gets rolled over into doggy, sticking out his tender ass and moaning as his sphincter takes a real stretching!

Young Gardener Takes A Huge Cock Anally

Duration: 17m, 54s, Starring Aaron Lancaster, Brendan David

(12 Votes)

College stud Aaron walks out onto the balcony, standing in the shadows for a moment and admiring the fine form of his buddy Brendan as he works in the garden. Aaron clears his throat as he walks down the steps, and Brendan turns around, still on his knees - only to be presented with Aaron's erect cock right in his face! Nasty Brendan immediately starts sucking, bobbing his hungry mouth up and down on the meat. Then Aaron lifts the cocksucker up on to a picnic table, spitting on his buddy's ass hole and sliding the head of his rock hard member inside. Brendan jacks himself off while he's getting fucked in the ass - the anal makes him cum!

Horny Dorm Guys Try Nasty Anal Positions

Duration: 14m, 27s, Starring JD Stone, Kyle Baglie

(2 Votes)

It's the holidays and there is virtually no one left in the dorms. Young studs JD and Kyle have rooms next to one another, and one sunny Saturday morning they see each other shirtless out on the balcony. JD seizes his opportunity, inviting Kyle inside to watch some television - but as soon as the guys are alone on the sofa, they both make a move, feeling each other all over and kissing on the lips and neck. After some blow job fun, the guys hit the bedroom, where they have plenty of room to stretch out into all kinds of exciting anal positions! Kyle really takes it deep in his tight little shit hole - he's going to feel it tomorrow!

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