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Very Odd Gay 3d Porno with Big Dick

Duration: 9m, 11s, Starring Alex Ethridge, Sam Alzehd

(Not Rated)

3d porn is one of those porn types that really let you explore your deepest fantasies - the fantasies that you just can't actually do for real. This 3d big dick porn guy is exploring the fairy tale of Jack and the beanstalk - although usually you don't cum the bean out, and the stalk definitely wasn't supposed to look like a bunch of green penises. Jack does end up getting a chance to fuck the Giant up in the clouds, even though his dick as as big as he was. Like I said, 3d gay porn is great for showing off the most bizarre fantasies you might have.

Man Ass Fucked By Hung Demon In Forest

Duration: 5m, 29s, Starring Alex Ethridge, Lou Greene

(Not Rated)

In this homosexual fantasy scene, a good looking stud is walking naked through the woods. He is waylaid by a bright green imp who teases him in to hardcore sodomy and sex. The daemon bends the guy over on the path, entering his asshole with his impossibly large green penis. He laughs as he pounds the man in his butt, touching the prostate with each stroke and triggering involuntary ejaculatory material to come out of the guy's penis. Later on, the muscular guy, a strong and strapping fellow who would be able to hold his own in any fight against a mortal man, is ready to taste his own ass on the demon's dribbling green dick.

Fantasy Stud 69s With Older Gentleman

Duration: 6m, 17s, Starring Mitch Postings, Orion Olsen, Shadow Morrison

(Not Rated)

In this bizarre gay fantasy cartoon, a traveller in a hot air balloon sees a cruise ship down below. Spotting a good looking older dude in the pool on the ship, he guides the balloon down in to dock. He joins the old man in the pool, who is understandably surprised at his appearance but eagerly joins in the suck and fuck action. The two guys have got massive cocks and they indulge in some extremely hot oral 69 action in the pool, finally ejaculating all over each other with a stupendous cum explosion, the kind that can only be found in fantasy. As the man takes off he realises that he has a stowaway - a black who fucks him in the ass!

Cartoon Dudes Have Big Cock Gay Orgy

Duration: 6m, 29s, Starring Karl Waters, Mitch Postings, Shadow Iams, Shadow Morrison

(Not Rated)

In this crudely executed but entertaining gay cartoon, a dude is walking along a pathway when he spies another muscular big cock fellow masturbating behind a tree stump. The two guys immediately get down to some generic sex, including licking, sucking and bouncing on the dick. To spice things up, a couple of new dudes enter the scene, both wearing skintight black leather outfits that looks somewhat futuristic. They join the anal sex fun for a four cock gangbang that you don't want to miss. Since it's a cartoon, the guys have prodigiously large penises that you would never find in real life and can perform some unrealistic positions.

Horny Sailors Share A Submissive Slave

Duration: 7m, 35s, Starring Archie Arville, Mitch Postings, Patrick Henson

(Not Rated)

In yet another extreme CGI gay sex clip, a workman with red pants gets transported to an aircraft carrier populated by horny sailors. These guys really need some fresh meat, and they are more than ready to get into a fresh dude. Depending on how you look at it, it could be the best day or the worst day of this construction worker's life! He gets to suck on multiple guys' cocks and then they take turns fucking him, dragging him from room to room and sodomising him roughly until his ass hole is bleeding and gaping. However, he loves this treatment, wanting to be a submissive fuck slave. No rigid dick is too big for his ass!

Computer Generated Homsexual Fun

Duration: 8m, 3s, Starring Alex Ethridge, Chuck Kostner, Karl Waters, Shadow Iams

(1 Vote)

A computer generated animated flick is a showcase for lots of homosexual pleasures. A buff stud rides a motorcycle and happens upon a butch man in leather as he strokes his huge hard cock. The butch man bends over to get a rim job before having his ass fucked missionary. He then jumps on top to ride the biker reverse anal cowboy, and he lays on his stomach to have his butt plugged doggy style. They then have anal sex on the back of his moving bike. The men rub their rods together, and more digital homos join in. Talk about a toy story!

Animated Dudes Enjoy Getting Hard Cock Shoved In Their Ass

Duration: 7m, 13s, Starring Alex Ethridge, Karl Waters, Ritch Nairn

(Not Rated)

In this bizarre CGI clip, a workman thinks that it would be funny to anally impale one of his workmates on a hook. He winches him helplessly into the air, a huge metal rod shoved painfully into his bleeding ass hole. He then lowers the man down and sodomises him with gusto. Just when you think that the laughing workman will get away with his heinous act unpunished, yet another workman gets him back by impaling him with an anal hook and doing the same thing! The third workman has got an extremely large penis and he fills the first guy's ass to overflowing with his massive load. Just be thankful that you don't work on this worksite!

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