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Getting In Tight

Poolside Gay Man Threesome Gets Steamy

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Anthony Gallo, Cort Stevens, Tanner Reeves

(Not Rated)

Tanner Reeves is excited to be with studly, muscular gay models Cort Stevens and Anthony Gallo. Both men attack him like a pair of hungry wolves, on sucking on his hard dick and the other suckling his nipples. Cort gets the chance to jump between two long dongs, wrapping his lips around each one of them. After face fucking Cort, Tanner bends him over to mount his ass from behind thrusting his hips and teasing Anthony's cock further down Cort's throat. In the heat of the sun by the pool Tanner pounds both guys assholes until they are all spent.

Gay Men Love A Tight Asshole to Fuck

Duration: 13m, 53s, Starring Anthony Colt, Coy Dekker, Tanner Reeves

(Not Rated)

Two sexy twinks are making out on the couch running their hands all over their smooth tanned skin. The tall dark haired stud pushes the blond on his back so he can work his lips all the way down his chest and into his pants. He takes his member into his warm wet mouth sucking it until it grows hard and thick making him gag in the back of his throat. The scene cuts to show a guy jerking of his own shaft while the other two continue to give head. The dark haired gay man pounds the blonds ass in a smooth even rhythm.

Excellent Hot Gay Anal Fucking Threesome

Duration: 14m, 53s, Starring Cort Stevens, Coy Dekker, Scott Baldwin, Tanner Reeves

(Not Rated)

All three of the guys in this hot gay orgy are fucking delicious! We see a blond guy with a muscular chest lying on the couch, arching his back in ecstasy as two brunette dudes in blue jeans suck his cock. You can't beat the attention these two cocksuckers are paying to this shaft - they polish the pole simultaneously with their tongues, and then one guy tickles the balls while the other fellates the head. The guys swap around several times, tasting each others' dicks and asses. Then they assume a doggystyle position, with the blond guy at the back plugging one of the brunettes, who is busy tonguing the other brunette's ass.

Two Gay Men Devour Each Others Members

Duration: 11m, 1s, Starring Hank Hightower, Tanner Reeves

(Not Rated)

Two sexy gay men are making out on the couch, one is already naked and easy access for the tall dark and brooding man. He leans over and wraps his lips around the head and slides them down the shaft taking it all the way down his throat. In the sixty nine positions the each devour the others boner slobbering all over them. The dark one mounts the other from behind and gets the first chance to punish his asshole with his giant hard on then bends over himself to take a dick in his ass making sure they are both satisfied in the end.

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