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Intense Double Anal Sex In Back Of Van

Duration: 11m, 5s, Starring Billy Brandt, Frank Towers, George Fleece, Zachery Scott

(1 Vote)

If there's one thing that could genuinely be called an eighth wonder of the world, it's the enormous things some gay men can take in their asses! These three horny studs don't even bother to leave the gas station after they have filled up - they just do it in the back of the van right then and there! It's a steamy oral threesome to begin with as the men take turns sucking each others' dicks. Then one well hung stud lies on his back with the submissive blond twink on top of him; the other man gets in from behind for an extreme double penetration that will literally make your jaw drop! These guys don't hold back - they really give it him!

Dirty Peeping Tom Has His Prick Sucked

Duration: 17m, 23s, Starring Billy Brandt, Bryan Archer, George Fleece, Kurt Wagner, Rob Norton

(1 Vote)

This group sex video concerns the action in two separate, vibrantly decorated rooms in this modern gay sex club. A man looks through a peep hole as two dudes rim each other in the other room; there's nothing steamier than watching a big, beefy guy licking another man's ass! He starts to jerk himself off while he looks through the hole; on the other side of that room are two good-looking guys sucking each others' dicks. As the men doing the rimming proceed to deep anal sex, with plenty of great close-ups, the two cocksuckers turn their attentions to the peeping tom. He abandons his viewpoint at the hole as the two other men suck him off!

Steamy Double Anal At Fancy Dress Party

Duration: 6m, 36s, Starring Chris Donnell, Cody Scott, Demonboi, Ralph Valentino

(1 Vote)

This short but extremely hot gay video focuses on something that you don't see every day - hardcore double anal! In the back room of this crazy club, there seems to be a fancy dress party going on, although with some of the guys completely naked you wouldn't tell. The action starts off in standard enough fashion, with plenty of cocksucking and ass fucking to be seen - all with no condoms, of course! However, things get really crazy as one of the guys gets entered simultaneously by two others. Both of these guys have got enormous dicks, and so it is a real miracle that the submissive guy manages to take both of them inside his sphincter!

Horny Gay Couples Watch Each Other Fuck

Duration: 8m, 18s, Starring Billy Brandt, Bryan Archer, George Fleece

(Not Rated)

In the back room of the club, two good-looking young couples watch each other fuck in this stylized gay fuck movie. Against a pink backdrop and with plenty of camp pink lights, the two couples pair off. First the guys just watch each other jerking off - each man has got a long, thick prick - and then they get down to the reverse cowboy fucking. Both couples adopt the position, with the submissive males on top showing off to each other, pumping the big cocks of their respective guys with their asses. The guys on top also jerk themselves off, assuring a mutual orgasm for all the participants. You can smell the testosterone in this one!

Hot Straight Guy Tied Up And Ass Fucked

Duration: 12m, Starring Billy Brandt, George Fleece

(2 Votes)

This video of a young straight guy being seduced is as hot as it gets! After a wild night out on the town, a stud comes to lying face down on the bed; it's then that he realizes that he's completely tied up! He can't stop the stirring in his pants when the other man starts to slide up and down on his back and butt, massaging him with his hard muscles and even harder cock. His captor unties him, reaching around to grip his new buddy's hard cock while he fucks him up the ass. It's an intense doggy anal screwing and it looks like it could get pretty painful! The straight guy ends up coming from the anal and masturbation session.

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