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Getting It Firm

Eye Patch Stud Sucks Cock For A New Job

Duration: 22m, 59s, Starring Tyler Scott, York Powers

(Not Rated)

Businessman Tyler Scott is the Man. As he sits behind his desk, surveying his latest job applicant, one eyed stud York Powers, he feels like a king. He might not be able to determine whether this man lives or dies, but whether he gives him a job or not determines whether he is going to eat tonight! If York wants a job at this high-powered company, he is really going to have to prove his worth - by sucking on Tyler's big cock and taking it in the butt! It's lucky for York that he doesn't mind having a cock in his mouth, especially when it belongs to a good-looking executive like Tyler. He gets a really hardcore ass slamming.

Black and White Gay Men 69 Each Other

Duration: 14m, 37s, Starring Michael Young, Steve Regis

(Not Rated)

A ringing phone can't distract these two gay men from their make out session. Two muscular men, one black, one white wrestle on the bed, grinding their hips against each other and kissing all over the exposed skin. Dark meat gets his turn first to taste the white juicy boner in front of him. He licks him from base to tip then slides his shaft down his throat. They take a break to jerk themselves off before Steve sucks on the dark meat then they 69 each other and each gets a good long blow job that makes them blow their loads.

Ass Fucked With A Dildo Then A Big Cock

Duration: 17m, 44s, Starring Eric Evans, Randy White, Tyler Scott

(Not Rated)

In this hot gay sex scene, we first see two good-looking studs getting to know each other in the lounge. They are sitting on the sofa in front of an unlit fireplace. The room is dark, mysterious and romantic - just the perfect setting for some hardcore anal sex! The guys kiss each other enthusiastically on the lips and then tear off one another's clothes. One man stands dominantly in front of his fuck buddy, who kneels submissively and blows him like a two dollar hooker. Then the cocksucker lies on his back while his friend fucks his butt with a dildo, loosening up that ass for his large, throbbing penis. This is some excellent anal!

Ass Stretched With Fingers And Big Cock

Duration: 11m, 35s, Starring Eric Evans, Randy White

(Not Rated)

In this dark and romantic anal sex scene, two guys look at each other longingly on the bed. One of them is a horny cocksucker who wants nothing more than to wrap those lips around his buddy's cock, caressing the penis with his lips and tongue. Nothing would please him more than for his face to be splashed with the hot spurt of his man's semen, pumping out all over his cheeks, jaw and chest. However, before he is going to get that sweet cumload, he is going to have to give up his ass, first to a two finger fingering, and then to some hardcore big dick butt slamming that will leave his ass hole gaping wide open. He's up for anything!

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