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Gladiators School

Handsome Stud Shows Off His Cock And Ass

Duration: 8m, 48s, Starring knight Stick

(Not Rated)

This hung black stud is just deliciously fuckable! His name is aptly Knight Stick, and he's certainly packing a serious piece between those muscular ebony legs! Wouldn't you love to bury your nose in those pubes while you suckle on that long black cock? He grabs his own nipples and rubs his flat stomach with one hand while he pumps himself with the other; at one point he gets down on his hands and knees on the floor to show off his tight brown ass as well. This video will have you drooling all over the keyboard - any red blooded man would love to get his hands on that hot ebony body and that thick black meat! This guy is seriously hot!

Huge Black Cock Stroked To Cum Explosion

Duration: 15m, 7s, Starring Zaire Masters

(Not Rated)

When we first see ebony gladiator Zaire, he is in the dormitory of Coliseum, practicing his moves with his sword and shield. However, despite the gracefulness of his attack techniques, you won't be able to take your eyes off that big black cock swinging between his legs! Finally he lays down his weapons, picking up a more interesting tool as he starts to stroke himself. His cock is quite long and thick to begin with, but when it is fully erect it is truly mouthwatering. It's so big that he can get two hands wrapped around it and still have some room leftover - preferably for your mouth! He strokes his swollen balls while he jacks himself off.

Muscular Black Stud Strokes His Big Dick

Duration: 14m, 10s, Starring Sebastian

(Not Rated)

If you love muscular black guys, then you will adore Sebastian! He is just wearing a fur wrapped around his broad shoulders, completely naked from the waist down. The muscles on this guy are to die for - just look at that impressive chest, and those muscular arms! Wouldn't you love to get held down and fucked hard by this dominant warrior? However, unfortunately there's no ass for Sebastien to fuck in this video, so he has to take matters into his own hands and jerk himself off all over the floor. He sits back confidently in his chair and pumps himself to a full erection, stroking his long meat until it is spurting a torrent of warm semen.

Big Cock Black Stud Jacks Off On Camera

Duration: 21m, 40s, Starring Lucky Star

(12 Votes)

In this ebony masturbation clip, young black stud Lucky Star jerks himself to a squirting orgasm. He is dressed in the costume of an ancient Roman gladiator, and he's certainly got the delicious body to match! He seems a bit shy to be on camera, and despite his prodigious cock size he has trouble attaining a full erection to begin with. However, he closes his eyes, relaxing and fantasizing and finally he attains a massive hard on. This guy is seriously well hung - the cock was big when it was soft, but it's absolutely enormous once it's hard! Soon he's jerking it furiously, and he sends out a thick jet of sperm all over his own hand.

Ebony Gladiator Plays With His Weapon

Duration: 10m, 20s, Starring Big Boss

(Not Rated)

You're going to love watching this muscular black stud playing with his weapon! He is dressed in period costume, that of an ancient Roman gladiator - and with his toned, rippling muscles, you could definitely believe that he was a hardened warrior of olde! Initially he inspects his sword, a long, vicious looking blade; then he lays it aside to play with something even harder and more menacing! He shows off his delicious abs as he jerks his own cock, which is long, thick and jet black. The stud stares at his own rock hard member as he pumps it, finally gushing all over his own inner thigh, with the warm jizz dribbling onto the floor.

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