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Glory Daze

Guy With Hate Sucks Stranger's Cock In Glorly Hole

Duration: 15m, 15s, Starring Junior

(Not Rated)

Junior doesn't care who is sticking their dick through the hole, he just knows that he wants every last bit of it. You'll find that he's opening his mouth wider than ever to take down every last inch of dick, knowing without a doubt that he's going to have a smile on his face as he sucks at this stranger's dong. He is getting quite a good sized one shoved down his throat too, so you're not going to be disappointed in the least. He definitely walks away from it smiling, knowing that he's going to have made someone's day 20 percent cooler.

Florian Sticks His Cock In A Glory Hole And Blows His Load

Duration: 14m, 44s, Starring Florian, Junior

(Not Rated)

Junior is getting to a gloryhole that he has been told is a great time. He has no idea who is on the other end, and Florian likes it like that. He's working himself in to a frenzy on that dick, knowing that he wants to give the best blowjob ever. They might just be going for a gloryhole that's basically a piece of plywood, but given the quality of dicks that seem to be coming through this hole, that's nothing to scoff about in the least. It's a hot and wild time that leaves everyone completely and utterly satisfied with the outcome.

Gay Guy Sucks Off A Dick Through A Glory Hole

Duration: 16m, 13s, Starring Junior

(1 Vote)

Junior is taking himself off to a glory hole and knowing that he's going to be looking damn delicious. There's nothing quite like seeing the way that he attacks that big dick going through the gloryhole. He wants to open his mouth up as wide as possible, and he gets off on not knowing who the person is behind the plywood. He is damn good at giving blowjobs too, so he's never going to have to wait for a cock to come right to his mouth. He is moaning the entire time, his own dick hard as a rock as he sucks away.

Gay Star Sucks A Stranger's Cock At A Glory Hole

Duration: 13m, 49s, Starring Junior, Shadow

(Not Rated)

Shadow and Junior have no idea who the other is, but they're going to be having a grand time at the gay gloryhole today. Shadow sticks his dick right through, with a smile on his face and wondering who the lucky guy was going to be that got to swallow his entire dong. Junior has his mouth open and ready, taking that dick eagerly as soon as it pokes through the hole. He gets a second to contemplate the size of it before its shoved down his throat, making him want to do nothing but slurp and swallow every last bit of cum.

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