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Goracy Jak Gejzer

Asian Stud Gets Big White Cock In Butt

Duration: 23m, 19s, Starring Adam, Raptor

(Not Rated)

Raptor doing some situps on the weight bench when his Caucasian boyfriend Adam walks in. Adam grins at his sweaty Asian boyfriend, pulling down his pants and sucking the Asian man's surprisingly big dick. The oral goes both ways, with Asian stud Raptor showing some sublime tongue motions. Then Raptor lies back, spreading his ass cheeks and lifting his cock and balls out of the way while Adam plugs his butt. However, the sex isn't all one-way, with the couple swapping positions and Adam getting drilled in doggystyle by Raptor as well. The two men masturbate onto each others' cocks, covering each others' shafts with their dribbling cream.

Office Slut Sucks The New Guy's Big Cock

Duration: 20m, 31s, Starring Alex Poter, Marcel

(Not Rated)

There's a new guy in the office, and immediately horny blond cocksucker Marcel starts giving him the glad eye. At first Alex is unsure whether hard anal sex is allowed in the workplace, but one day he makes his move, letting himself in to Marcel's office and quietly closing the door behind him. Slutty Marcel grins as he kneels in front of the straight acting stud, pulling his dick out of his suit trousers and giving him a sloppy deepthroating. Knowing there's no time to lose, Marcel bends over against the wall, peeling open the cheeks of his receptive ass and looking over his shoulder, imploring Alex to give it to him how he needs it!

Blond Twink Manhandled And Ass Fucked

Duration: 18m, 50s, Starring Maciek, Pakerek

(Not Rated)

In a young man's fantasy, a camp, teasing young gay man is aggressively seduced and ass fucked by his horny older friend. The dominant, slightly hairy brunette just reaches out and grabs the young blond, manhandling him onto the bed and shoving his cock in his mouth. As soon as the skinny blond recovers from his surprise, he starts to suck the dick in earnest, managing to get his lips down to the base of the shaft without gagging. Maintaining his dominant position on top, the dark haired stud spits on the palm of his hand, smearing his saliva all over the blond's ass in preparation for a butt fucking. He slides inside with no ceremony!

Horny Young Buck Swallows Two Big Cocks

Duration: 13m, 12s, Starring Don Pedro, Pablo, Tomek

(Not Rated)

There's a horny new cocksucker in the dormitory, and he is going crazy with every other guy in the college, getting his ass torn up by everyone who he can get hold of! Then young stud invites two older guys in to the workshop when everyone else has gone home; he wordlessly gets down on his knees and starts sucking their meat. The young dick slurper gets completely disciplined by the two other men, who spit roast him for the rest of the video, one big dick cutting off his air supply as it is rammed down his throat whilst the other schlong gapes out his tender butthole. His ass is sure going to be sore after this double cock slamming!

Hardcore Ass Drilling In Gay Foursome

Duration: 30m, 40s, Starring Alex Poter, Marcel, Nigel, Red Rex

(1 Vote)

There are plenty of hard, muscular bodies and great cocks in this European studio foursome. Alex, Marcel, Red and Nigel each pair off at the beginning of the video, warming up with some hot cocksucking and ass licking action before the super hardcore anal sex begins. Each one of these guys has got a truly delicious body, with the perfect amount of muscle and no extraneous hair visible. Of course, the main thing that you are interested in is the dicks - and there are four fantastic specimens to be seen here! These sexy guys are highly experienced ass fuckers, both at giving and taking, and you won't believe how hard they drill it in.

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