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Raunchy Mechanics Have Gay Sex

Duration: 20m, 50s, Starring Erik York, Joe Romero

(Not Rated)

Working on cars all day is long and hard work, and checking out the bodies of the greasy mechanics at this shop can get you hard and long as well! So Erik and Joe made sure to take a break at the shop to give in to each other's advances, as both of them quickly got into some deep, passionate kissing. Joe took off his pants to feed Erik his enormous tool, stuffing it inside of his mouth and all the way down his throat. He kept sucking until it was stiff, and then hot his own pecker licked in the back of the truck before he bent over to take it deep in his ass. He stroked himself while he was being fucked, and then got covered in his cum.

Horny Studs Fuck On Their Lunch Break

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Erik York, Jay Huntington, Joe Romero, Marc West

(1 Vote)

It was an all you can eat gay buffet at the mechanic shop this day, as even after Erik got his fucking, Chance, Marc and Joe were getting their fill in another area! Two of them were slurping and drooling all over one of their dicks, bobbing their head up and down on his swollen pecker, and then he got his chance to fill his mouth with a big sausage. His ass was the one that desperately needed to be filled, so he spread his legs and took a pounding like you wouldn't believe as far inside of his butt as it could go. The mustached stud grabbed a hold of him and rammed away until it was time to cum, and squirted his jizz all over him.

Hot Gay Studs Fuck In The Work Bathroom

Duration: 17m, 25s, Starring Anthony Sosa, Joe Romero, Steven Richards

(2 Votes)

The boss likes to keep tabs on everything that's going on at his mechanic's shop, especially when two of his more studly workers are hard at their job together. So when he walks in on Anthony and Steven in the middle of foreplay, he's only angry because he doesn't get to take a dump like he planned! But as long as his workers are happy, I'm sure he enjoys all the gay sex that's going on in his place. Both of them get cock swelling blowjobs before they start pounding each other. Watch every inch slide in and out of his asshole as he goes for a ride and gets rammed from behind. Then they stroke each other standing until they shoot their loads.

Gay Guy Loves Licking Cocks And Asses

Duration: 8m, 21s, Starring Chris Green, Joe Romero, Patrick Ives

(1 Vote)

Everywhere the boss goes at his shop, he sees his workers working on each other's cocks instead of working on the cars! But he doesn't stop Patrick and Chris from having a good time! That's a good thing, because it gives them a chance to get every inch of each other's cocks down their throats, pushing their head on it until their tongue could tickle their balls. This guy loves putting his tongue wherever on his buddy's body to make sure that he's well-pleased, so he even gets him to bend over and stuff his face with his ass cheeks to give his butthole a tongue bath! He bobs his head up and down his dick, and gets to lick his boots as well.

Horny Guy Wants To Fucks His Ass

Duration: 11m, 45s, Starring Chris Green, Patrick Ives

(1 Vote)

It was just the beginning for these two gay guys when it came to the hot ass fucking they were about to have. It's a good thing they were taking a long lunch! At first, his butt buddy is licking his boot while he strokes himself, and he does such a good job of that, that he's allowed to sit in his lap and push down all the way on his butt to feel it penetrate him deep. He bounces up and down on that swollen cock, and then bends over to get it even deeper inside his tight asshole. He struggles to hold on tight as he's pounded hard, while he grabs him by the hips and milks his boner with his butt until he pulls out and shoots cum on him.

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