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Greased Lightning

Young Mechanic Ass Fucked In Workshop

Duration: 24m, 36s, Starring Duncan Mills, Mark O'Neil

(Not Rated)

This hot young mechanic is under the hood of a car when he is interrupted by the arrival of another good looking male. He starts in surprise as the other man touches him on the butt, almost hitting his head underneath the hood. However, his surprise soon turns to lust and he drops to his knees and starts sucking off the other muscular man! He is a really hot cocksucker, and you can really see his cheeks working hard as he fellates the big cock. Then the men lie down on the ground, laying out a drop sheet, with the cocksucker on his back masturbating himself while he gets fucked hard in the ass with a condom on. Some fantastic anal!

Cocksucker Takes A Hard Anal Pumping

Duration: 18m, 25s, Starring Dean Maxwell, Mike Cesar

(Not Rated)

A couple of good-looking guys are waiting in the mechanic's office; the boredom is killing them! The guys exchange a look, glancing provocatively at each others' crotches, and then the more submissive of the two kneels down in between his new buddy's thighs and starts to suck him off. Both of these guys are Caucasian and hairy, with thick, unshaven pubic hair. After the blow job, the guys strip off completely, with the cocksucker bending over a cheap plastic table and getting slammed in the ass in doggystyle. It's lucky that he did such a good job of lubricating his friend's cock with his mouth, because he really takes an extreme pumping!

Studly Mechanic Fingers His Hairy Ass

Duration: 18m, 48s, Starring

(Not Rated)

There's just something so manly and sexy about mechanics! This stud is working on a car, leaning over underneath the hood and getting his hands dirty. He can't help but rub his crotch against the side of the car, instantly feeling a hard-on stirring in his pants! He momentarily abandons his job, unzipping his fly and flopping out his thick cock. He starts to pump himself; however, he needs to feel more intense pleasure! He takes his pants right off, bending over and peeling open his hairy ass crack for the camera while he lubricates his fingers and sticks them straight up his butt! It's extremely hot watching him anally penetrate himself.

Two Horny Mechanics Blow Off Some Steam

Duration: 15m, 21s, Starring Duncan Mills, Eric Evans

(Not Rated)

After a long day working in the garage, these two mechanics need to pump some ass to blow off some steam! At first they exchange oral favours, blowing each other good; both of these dudes have got superb oral technique, and it's a wonder that they don't make each other spurt in their mouths. However, if they did that, it would mean that they couldn't enjoy the hardcore ass pumping to cum! The good-looking, long haired twink lies on his back, lifting his ballsack out of the way so that his balding friend can do him hard in the sphincter. They start off slow, but soon they are really going hard; you can hear their ball sacks slapping together!

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