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Hard On Holiday

Cute Guys Having Some Fun on Vacation

Duration: 21m, 53s, Starring Alex Johnson, Dean Lawrence, Jack Carson, Steve Barber, Zander Holmes

(1 Vote)

Alex Johnson and Dean Lawrence are in the mood to have some fun on their vacation, so they end up finding a completely secluded location in order to make love to each other. They start rubbing all over each other, and before long they find themselves completely naked and loving the hell out of each other. They start off stroking their dicks, but they end up getting completely nasty with each other. They end up getting covered in cum and have some sore asses walking back to the hotel. They really enjoy themselves.

Cute Twinks Spend Qualty Time Together

Duration: 8m, 47s, Starring Jack Carson, Zander Holmes

(1 Vote)

Jack Carson and Zander Holmes might be on a vacation, but that doesn't mean they're going to let their fun loving get in the way of their love making. They get back to their rooms and flop down on the couch, relaxing for a moment before they end up stripping each other down to nothing. Their smooth and slender bodies look great, and they are in the mood to just keep fucking for hours and hours. They don't go on for quite that long, but they do certainly enjoy themselves in their time together. Now that's hot.

Sexy Pool Boys Get Kinky on Deck

Duration: 7m, 58s, Starring Alex Johnson, Dean Lawrence

(1 Vote)

There's nothing quite like getting the pool boys together to fuck, and after a quick fight for the frisbee they end up wrestling and then kissing each other nice and slow. Alex Johnson and Dean Lawrence end up making out on the deck chair, and before long they end up naked. There's plenty of dick sucking, and then they end up with getting their cocks completely taken care of to spray cum all over each other. They moan as they cum, and then walk away nice and sticky - at least the pool is right there for them to wash off.

Wild Gay Foursome Ends up with Train

Duration: 10m, 28s, Starring Alex Johnson, Dean Lawrence, Steve Barber, Zander Holmes

(Not Rated)

Alex Johnson, Dean Lawrence, Steve Barber, and Zander Holmes are in the mood for some fun - and they start with the grab-assing and kissing. However it certainly goes on a lot further than that, and they end up with one of the most epic gay trains in the world. They end up just piling on and filling each other up with dick until there is so much cock squeezing into assholes that you can't believe it. They certainly do seem to be enjoying themselves, and this is the type of thing that makes gay porn so damn entertaining.

Crazy Gay Threesome from Rafters

Duration: 14m, 30s, Starring Alex Johnson, Steve Barber, Zander Holmes

(Not Rated)

Well okay, maybe they aren't quite fucking from the rafters but it sure as fuck looks like it when they grab on to the slates. Alex Johnson, Steve Barber, and Zander Holmes are all about hanging off of the roof and having fun while doing it, so they end up getting naked, giving each other rimjobs and blowjobs, and in general just enjoying the hell out of life. They end up so horny that they have a gay threesome right where everyone can see them - and I think that made the orgasms that much more intense.

Hairy Studs Going Wild on the Bed

Duration: 9m, 55s, Starring Jack Carson, Zander Holmes

(Not Rated)

Jack Carson and Zander Holmes are near twinkish, but they have enough hair and muscles so that they fall into the stud trap. They love working each other nice and slow, especially when they open up their asses wide enough that the cock just slides right in. That makes them want to howl with pleasure, especially when they whip out the condom and then shove their dicks in nice and slow. These guys are simply incredible with their lovemaking, and end up going at it for hours and hours upon end. Now that's hot.

Tight Horny Guys Having Wild Foursome

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Alex Johnson, Jack Carson, Steve Barber, Zander Holmes

(1 Vote)

Alex Johnson, Steve Barber, Jack Carson, and Zander Holmes are all in one of the most wild gay orgies that I have ever seen. These studs start off at opposite corners of the house, but they all find themselves in one room before long. They end up sucking and playing with each other, loving the way they feel against each other. They moan and groan as they start working their mouths against their dicks, ending up in two sets of dick sucking goodness. Of course they end up switching all over the place, enjoying the hell out of things.

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