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Harlem Homeboys

Check Out These Hot Studs' Amazing Abs

Duration: 20m, 13s, Starring John Trench, Rust D

(Not Rated)

What could possibly be hotter than two extremely toned black studs sucking each other off? Not much, except for some hardcore anal fucking added in to the mix! These guys hook up in the dorm room for some hot and heavy cocksucking late one night. You've got to check out the abs and arm muscles on these guys - they are seriously hot! The guys take turns sucking each other off, lying down next to each other on the bed spoon style. Towards the end of the scene, one guy bends over the edge of the bed and offers up his ass hole for fucking. His friend vigorously pumps his ass and then drains his cumload down in to his friend's throat.

Two Ebony Studs Jerk Off Together

Duration: 26m, 37s, Starring Alex Pain, John Trench, Rust D

(Not Rated)

John Trench and Rust D were hanging out at the house relaxing. John was naked on the couch jerking it to some hot gay porn when Rust walked in and saw him. Instead of saying anything he just stripped nude and laid down next to him and started stroking his rod. He worked his shaft as the guys moved so they could face each other and even press their balls together. Their balls rubbing each other and hands working those shafts felt so good neither guy could hold out long so when they were ready to cum they took turns showering each other with man gravy.

Four Virile Gays Have An Orgy Of Cocks

Duration: 12m, 16s, Starring Eddy T, Gus, J.R., Mike P

(Not Rated)

Three virile black studs and one white guy get together in the study late one evening for a night of hardcore cocksucking and anal sex. The guys pair off into couples to begin the scene, 69ing and enjoying some rough throat fucking before the hard sex begins. Soon the guys are swapping partners with wild abandon; one guy fucks another, and then another guy gets fucked while a third man sits on his face and gets off as the men munch on his butt crack. One guy in particular gets picked on, taking a hard sodomising and having his face sprayed with cum several times. That's what you get for being a degenerate homosexual fuck slut who loves cocks!

Eager Cocksucker Has His Asshole Ruined

Duration: 7m, 35s, Starring John Trench, Rust D

(Not Rated)

Two well muscled black guys have some fun on the bed, playing around and blowing each others' dicks. One man, wearing a ridiculous bandanna that looks like it came out of the karate kid, proves to be an excellent weiner sucker, and his man just can't believe his luck at having scored such a horny homo. He bends the bandanna wearing fool over, sliding his prick into that firm butt. He is amazed at how incredibly snug the fit of his prick in this butthole is - it's obvious that despite his cocksucking skills, this young punk hasn't been banged in his butt very often. He makes sure he stretches the butt out good and then drops a load.

Hardcore Pimp Plays With His Massive Rod

Duration: 9m, 42s, Starring J.R.

(Not Rated)

Gangster brotha JR is lying on his bed one night, feeling horny. He is straight up chillin' like a villain with his juice box that he has been sucking on, as well as that carton of Newports. Lo and behold, he is completely naked save for his socks and his gangster beanie. He has an impressive cock that hangs halfway down his leg and he slowly massages it. He turns the attention of both hands to working his tool, getting it wet with some lube and then beginning to stroke it. He pumps himself with a curious twisting motion that you will have to try! He gets himself off quick.

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