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His First Facial 1

Cute Amateur Robert Shows His Oral Skill

Duration: 23m, 1s, Starring Robert

(2 Votes)

A good-looking stud with a slightly receding hairline and the hint of a bald spot, young buck Robert is a sight for sore eyes. He has a charming smile that is sure to set your heart racing but his amateur good looks keep him accessible - he's no unattainable porn stud! When he peels off his singlet he reveals a flat stomach and muscular chest, and when he gets fully nude he turns out to have a fantastic cock! He masturbates himself until he is erect and then kneels in front of the cameraman, who zooms right in on Robert's attractive face as he sucks the dick. You can hear the wet sucking sounds as he works it real good!

Hot Stud Ricardo Sucks It And Swallows

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Ricardo

(3 Votes)

Good-looking young stud Ricardo sits with his legs spread wide, his package clearly outlined against the fabric of his blue jeans. Soon he's completely naked as the cameraman sweet talks him, wanting to catch a glimpse of that impressive penis! Ricardo's got a nice thick cock and he is obviously used to showing it off, sitting on the chair and letting you gaze at his enormous length with no hint of embarrassment. The cameraman also gets naked, panning down to catch his own bulging cock as Ricardo goes down on him. With a great head of hair and a cheeky smile, Ricardo is just the kind of guy that you would fantasize about sucking your penis!

Good Looking Stud Bruno Gives Great Head

Duration: 24m, 6s, Starring Bruno

(Not Rated)

As he sits nervously on the sofa, shaven headed euro stud Bruno looks quite camp and submissive. However, the cameraman convinces him to take off his shirt and trousers, revealing a muscular, rippling chest and a large package in those tight white y-fronts. Talk about a hidden treasure! However, despite his brash and masculine body, Bruno still loves to suck cock. His shaven head is certainly an advantage in this cocksucking scene because there is no annoying hair to get in the way of watching every inch of the hard cock go down Bruno's throat! He gags slightly on the cock but this doesn't hold him back - he wants to taste that load!

Hairy Chested Billy Takes A Huge Facial

Duration: 22m, 27s, Starring Billy

(Not Rated)

If you like your men masculine and hairy, you're going to love virile young stud Billy! He pulls off his singlet to show his flat stomach and hairy chest, a delicious snail trail leading down to his groin. He sits around in his red underpants before he gets completely nude, stroking his powerful cock. This scene isn't just about softcore nudes, and Billy gets on his knees in front of the cameraman, taking his penis in his mouth and sucking. For such a masculine guy, Billy has obviously sucked a lot of cocks and he has excellent technique. After a hot and sticky facial, the semen drains off Billy's face and onto his hairy chest.

Studly Ken Wants To Taste That Hot Cream

Duration: 22m, 53s, Starring Ken

(Not Rated)

Shaven headed Caucasian stud Ken loves to suck dick! The cameraman zooms in on Ken's track pants, where you can see the shape of his extremely large penis lying against his thigh. Wow - now that's a big dick! The cameraman strokes the pole as Ken looks hungrily over at his crotch. Then Ken is leaning forward, his shaven head bobbing up and down on the cameraman's huge and bulging penis. Ken really is expert at providing hot and sloppy oral, using his lips and tongue like a true professional - he elevates cocksucking to an art form! Ken swallows the whole load, licking his lips in satisfaction, and then masturbates to orgasm.

New Roommate Can't Wait To Start Sucking

Duration: 21m, 39s, Starring Jeff

(Not Rated)

Cute young skinhead boy Jeff is looking for a new house to stay in. He passes the initial interview with his potential room mate, but the cameraman wants some extra proof that Jeff is serious about staying! Pulling his cock out of his pants, the cameraman and inserts it into Jeff's mouth. Jeff is initially shocked, not used to such forward treatment, but you can tell by one look at his eyes that this is a horny young cocksucker who loves nothing more than swallowing as much penis as he can get his hands on! He is a horny little guy, swallowing the dick and then bending over to take some hard anal before he jerks himself off.

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