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Foot Fetish Stud Juan Spunks Himself Off Over His Own Face

Duration: 9m, 16s, Starring Juan

(Not Rated)

This is some extreme flexibility here! Horny Latino stud Juan has got his own private foot fetish he loves feet, and even his own will do! He positions himself so he can jerk his dick while he sucks on his own toes, with some great close-ups as he runs his tongue up and down the gaps in between his toes. He also licks the soles of his own feet - a feat that many a yoga enthusiast would be proud of! Then Juan bends himself over in two, trying to suck his own dick, but his cock just isn't quite long enough however, he still manages to jerk himself off messily all over his own face. He licks the warm jizz off his own slutty lips!

Sexy Latino Thug French Kisses His Man Right On The Cock

Duration: 16m, 44s, Starring Jester

(3 Votes)

Despite his light-hearted name, Jester is a big dick stud who's intent on doing some serious damage to his boyfriend's ass hole! Latino thug Adon starts kissing sing his man on the lips as soon as they get into the bedroom, finally able to express their feelings for one another. In fact, the hot mouth on mouth kissing is possibly one of the hottest parts of the movie! Then Adon goes down on his man, sucking his big dick about three quarters of the way down before he gags. However, he makes sure that he spits all over the cock, meaning that it easily slides in to his ass! There's also some extremely hot oral 69 action for you to enjoy.

Gorgeous Young Stud Christian Pumps Off His Swinging Dick

Duration: 11m, 49s, Starring Christian

(1 Vote)

God damn - young stud Christian is one sexy hunk of man! First we see the young buck working out in his home gym, pumping iron and giving you some delightful views of his muscular body. He's not a total beefcake, but he is fashionably skinny with some great muscle tone. Then he abandons his work out, laying the dumbbells to one side as he lies down on a clean white towel on the gym floor. There's a huge smile on his face as he exposes himself, swinging his semierect dick around before he pumps himself to a full erection. He's got a sweet, clean cut cock - and he's certainly got a massive cumload waiting to be unleashed in those balls!

Interracial Gay 3-way With Bobby And Jose And Kel-el

Duration: 9m, 43s, Starring Bobby, Jose, Kel-El

(Not Rated)

Jose, Bobby and Kel-El are down for some great threesome action, and they're going to make sure that they're getting exactly what they wanted out of this one. They are so damn horny for each other that their cocks are coming out, and they're going to be comparing them right away. They get all hot and bothered with each other, letting their lips wrap tight around those dicks, getting in to a threesome that leaves everyone completely and utterly satisfied as they get closer and closer to a massive orgasm.

Latino Stud Enjoys A Sloppy Double Blow Job From Two Twinks

Duration: 12m, 4s, Starring Caelan, Carlos, Mitch

(2 Votes)

Hung latino stud Carlos is the king in this video as he enjoys the delicious oral pleasures of twinks Caelan and Mitch. He lies back and invites them onto the bed with him, and they immediately start to suck on his prick simultaneously. If one mouth on your dick is divine, two has got to be heavenly! Carlos also pounds both of the twinks in the ass hole, and they jealously watch each other getting drilled, each twink wanting to be the only one who is the recipient of Carlos's fat dick pleasuring. The two young tarts share the spurting cumload at the end, greedily gobbling up every drop of Carlos's spurting jizz torrent.

Skinny Mexican Stud Thrashes Off His Surprisingly Big Cock

Duration: 9m, 26s, Starring Pablo

(22 Votes)

Mexico City stud Pablo is skinny, good looking - and extremely well hung! He's certainly not going to win any bodybuilding contests, but his skinny stature only adds to the surprising length and girth of his sexy brown dick. It's magnificent! Good-looking Pablo is also blessed with an amazing head of hair, so thick that it looks like he will never lose a single strand. However it is his pole that you will mostly be interested in, with Pablo jerking it to a massive erection and furiously thrashing himself until he spunks all over his own flat stomach. He cleans up his spent jizz with his own dirty white underpants.

Straight Acting Stud Shows Surprising Cocksucking Abilities

Duration: 11m, 41s, Starring Diego, Isaac

(1 Vote)

Straight acting Latino Isaac has got a nasty secret - he loves to get fucked in his shit hole and swallow jizz! Camp older male Diego is definitely experienced in breaking in straight acting guys - he knows that the more masculine they act in real life, the filthier and more submissive they are in the sack! He kisses his new boyfriend firmly on the lips, flickering his tongue in the other man's mouth before he pushes him to his knees, sliding his semierect dick in to the submissive stud's mouth. He proves to be an expert cocksucker - it's obvious that he has done this plenty of times before! However, his ass is tight, like a virgin.

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