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College Stud Loves Having His Ass Pumped

Duration: 17m, 18s, Starring K.C. Morgan, Mitch Hart

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This is a charming pair of extremely good-looking gay bois and some superb anal sex to jack off over! Confident brunette stud Mitch leads his long haired blond boyfriend KC into the bedroom, immediately pushing him down onto the bed and getting on top of him. KC gasps as Mitch kisses him on the mouth, and the blond stud can clearly feel his boyfriend's hard cock through his pants. Feeling that hard dick just makes the blond want to suck it - so he does, long, hard and deep! KC rolls on top, spitting on the palm of his hand and then lubing up his ass before he slides his man's prick deep into his little anus. He grinds his butt real good!

Young Twink Eager For Double Cock Anal

Duration: 18m, 47s, Starring Blake Carter, Brock Nexon, Italy

(2 Votes)

There's nothing better than teaming up with a buddy and riding a horny twink's ass like there's no tomorrow! These three good-looking college studs are playing a game of frisbee in the warm afternoon sun, stripping down to their underpants in order to work on their tans. They keep on dropping the frisbee because they can't keep their eyes off each others' cocks! After some introductory blowjobs outdoors, the three fellas head inside so that they can tear up each others' asses. One young man in particular is extremely submissive, willingly pulling open his own tight ass cheeks and begging for some deep anal. Who are these guys to refuse?

Cocksucker Wants An Ass Full Of Sperm

Duration: 14m, 37s, Starring Alex Christianson, JD Stone

(Not Rated)

When football stud JD is invited over to the home of blond cocksucker Alex for the afternoon, he knows exactly what he's in for - a hot and sloppy blow job and then some anal sex! Shy but eager, Alex wastes no time in getting his studly friend into the living room and taking his pants off. JD looks down in satisfaction as Alex gives him a superb blow job - it's obviously not the first time that he's had a dick in his mouth! Then young Alex takes control, with JD not having to do a God damn thing as his new blond fuck buddy rides his dribbling prick front ways and back, pumping the shaft with his sphincter until his man is ready to cum.

Young Brunette Dude Ass Fucked In Woods

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Brad Bones

(Not Rated)

It always makes the sex hotter when the lad plays hard to get! This skinny little brunette twink is chased through the woods in romantic fashion by his blond boyfriend; finally, when the guys think that they can be alone, they come together in a passionate topless kiss. However, little do they know but they are being spied upon by a guy with binoculars! The brunette falls to his knees, unzipping his boyfriend's pants and taking his big cock in his mouth. The blond boyfriend is quite skinny, and you wouldn't expect that he had the massive boner that he does! The young brunette has got a sweet mouth on him - but his ass is even tighter!

Hot Young Room Mate Takes Two Big Cocks

Duration: 26m, 15s, Starring Alex Johnson, Axel Johnson, Chaz Kramer, Kyle Baglie

(2 Votes)

This steamy gay porn clip kicks off with Alex and Kyle kissing on the bed while they rub each others' cocks. The guys get down to their underpants, with the action getting more and more heated; however, they both want to drill some ass, and they can't decide who is going to be the bottom first! To solve their problem, they run in to the bedroom next door, where their room mate Chaz has been listening with his ear against the door. They aggressively pull off his clothes, bending him over and spit roasting him, one dick in his mouth and the other in his ass. Both horny young dudes pound their roommate right in the ass just how he needs it!

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