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Hot Georgia Knights

Two Studs Have Hot Anal Fuck Fest

Duration: 15m, 9s, Starring Brett Thomas, Caleb Stone

(Not Rated)

Caleb Stone and Brett Thomas are just meeting for the first time but when they start making out, they just can't keep their hands from wondering to the other man's dicks. Finally they end up undressing and Caleb can't hold back his excitement any longer. Brett feels his pecker grow hard and slides down from his mouth to give his friend's pink dick some good oral sucking. Then they switch places so Brett can start fucking Caleb's tight ass. In the end, they both jerk themselves off until one dude is covered in jism.

Mitch Tastes Some Panther Meat

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Mitch Ray, Panther

(Not Rated)

After a brief introduction, Mitch and Panther get to know each other a whole lot better. The black Panther lays back and purrs as Mitch takes the lead and makes love to him starting with a deep kiss then an exploration of his tight nipples and rippled abdomen. Panther nips at his bulging prick through his camo pants before unzipping them and gulping the raw meat down. The guys get in position to sixty nine, racing each other to finish line as they moan and slurp each other's hot rods. Panther takes Mitch's polished pole up his ass riding it like a pogo stick. Mutual Masturbation to climax seals the deal.

Corey Fucks Casey Like A Woman

Duration: 21m, 13s, Starring Casey Martin, Corey Stevens

(3 Votes)

Give two gays a bed and a camera and there is going to be some hot fucking action. Casey and corey start off by kissing each other deeply and stroking pricks to hardness beneath their pants. They soon strip off and explore each other's bodies further. Casey loves the taste of hot steel and he gets a mouthful as he goes down to the root of Corey's sledge and gobbles him up. Corey wants a taste too, and he is served a special helping of Casey cock. Corey fucks Casey like a woman while jacking his joystick to completion. He ends up pulling out and stroking off onto Casey's spermy stick.

Gay Gets Everlasting GobStopper

Duration: 21m, 2s, Starring Alex Mendez, Christian Diaz

(Not Rated)

Alex and Christian are stuck in a motel room with nothing much to do. When Alex starts rubbing his cock, Christian suggest he take care of that for him. He hops on that everlasting gobstopper and begins the evenings entertainment. He laps at the head of Alex's spicy brown boner and sucks it into his hot mouth. He bobs his head up and down like a pogo stick on that fun fuck stick. Alex's balls are drawn up tight with an unreleased load as he mounts Christians tight ass He bangs that butt like a loose screen door in the wind. When he can stand the sensations no longer, he pulls out and squirts his hot load on Christians stomach.

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