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Hungarian Model Search

Horny Euro Studs Fucking at Home

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Attila Robert, Robert

(1 Vote)

It only takes one walk together to convince Attila Robert and Robert that they should think about putting their studly cocks together. They both have rather impressive dicks, so it makes sense that they would go wild for each other. They get back to the house, and after a few minutes of sitting together they end up stripping each other down to nothing. Their dicks stand at the ready, and the action keeps on heating up with this succulent pair of cocksuckers. Now this is what gay stud fucking should look like every time.

Gorgeous Euro Studs Fuck in Shower

Duration: 20m, 18s, Starring Akos, Istvan Gabor

(Not Rated)

The shower is always a fun place to find your stud of choice - and Akos is making sure to get plenty of bang for his buck out of this bath. He starts off just working the shower head up and down, getting himself nice and wet. Istvan Gabor sees his dream hunk naked and soaking wet, and you can just figure what happens next. He opens up his mouth and falls in there, grabbing his cock on the way down and loving every second of the cock sucking. Well not really - he cums on to this stud right away, and they start showering together.

Neighbouring Farmers Have Anal Sex Break

Duration: 17m, 34s, Starring Istvan, Tamas

(Not Rated)

There's nothing sexier than a real man hard at work at manual labour. This good-looking farmer has his top off while he toils away in the midday sun. He stops for a break and hears a shout; it's his hunky neighbour, coming to pay him a visit. The guys strip off, lying naked next to each other in the sun before they reach over and begin to fondle each others' pricks. They kiss and then the neighbour goes down on his friend, sucking him to a full erection. Straddling his friend, he takes it in his butt, bucking and grinding on that hard prick and making his neighbour spurt right inside his tight anus so the hot cum dribbles out.

Muscle Bound Studs Have Anal In Paddock

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Attila, David

(2 Votes)

An extremely good-looking and muscle bound young stud is tending to his horse when he hears a wolf whistle behind him. He looks back to see another well built man, this time with long hair, leaning over the fence and staring at him. At first he is nervous, but then he beckons the stud over. Hidden by the trees, they begin to kiss and fondle each others' penises. The new man sucks off the first guy, and then bends over, pulling his ass cheeks apart. The young guy with the horse gets down on his knees and begins to lick the other guy's dirty anus. The horse rider bends over at the waist, touching his toes while he gets sodomised.

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