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In The Heat Of The Moment

Gay Men Fuck to Turn Up the Heat

Duration: 23m, 37s, Starring Jason Desjardin, Lucas DeSolei

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On a cold day Lucas and Jason can't think of a better way warm each other up than some blow jobs. Lucas deep throats Jason's cock, giving him a lesson in how it's done with some sucking and pulling of his foreskin. Jason proves that he is a quick study by giving him head. There is some toe sucking and massaging as foreplay before Lucas bends Jason over to have a taste of his asshole and get it all wet. After stretching and preparing Jason's ass with his finger, Lucas slides his cock in to fuck him. Lucas needs no warming up to take in all of Jason's meat and loves getting rammed form behind.

Sexy Jocks Fucking on the Couch

Duration: 21m, 54s, Starring Brad Rioux, Joey Lismir

(Not Rated)

Brad Rioux and Joey Lismir start off on a nice hike together, but soon they find that their friendship is much more than that. They end up back at Brad's place, locked together in the heat of passion. They throw off their shirts and start groping each other before going after each other's pants. Their hands run down those pants and grab hard dicks, and the dick sucking starts nice and slow. They are moaning almost as loud as they are sucking , and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that that couch was cum stained for months after.

Cute Jocks Sucking on Great Dicks

Duration: 18m, 16s, Starring Nicky Wells, Suny Tessier

(Not Rated)

Nicky Wells and Suny Tessier go walking down a snow covered path to start off this scene, and get down with a fun snowball fight. However, the balls that they really want to see happens to be each other's balls - and they are going to stop at nothing to end up in each other's pants. After they have warmed up a little bit, they go into the living room for some fun. You will really appreciate the tight lines of their bodies - they are jocks through and through, and they know how to take care of their bodies right.

Martial Arts Leads to Hot Gay Sex

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Bryan Gaspe, Rick LaFonte

(Not Rated)

There's something about watching fit gay guys throwing each other around in martial arts that really gets me going. Rick LaFonte and Bryan Gaspe pair up together to try to test each other's strength, and they love to throw each other around and then make it up to each other later. This making up period just so happens to involve them sucking each other off, and then seeing who can make the loudest ball slapping sound once they end up sinking their dick into each other's asses - now that's a hot idea.

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