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Foreman Sucked Off By Two Factory Grunts

Duration: 24m, 33s, Starring Joe Calderon, Miklos Orosz, Tamas

(Not Rated)

Sometimes there are real advantages to being the boss! The foreman announces to two of his workers that he needs some new parts ready by tomorrow. They immediately give him some lip, so he has to put them in their place - by demanding that they use their lips! Bowing down to the authority of the alpha male, the two workers fall to their knees in worship and start to suckle on his cock and balls. This proceeds to some hardcore anal action, with the foreman sitting down on a stepladder whilst the other two studs impale themselves anally on his rigid prick. These two horny cocksuckers really know how to work a prick with their assholes!

Hot New Guy In Factory Gets Gang Fucked

Duration: 27m, 49s, Starring Benn Davis, Fred Goldsmith, Kevin King, Zoltan Kabai

(1 Vote)

If you're the new guy in this big dick factory, you'd better keep your ass to the wall - or else you're going to get sodomized by a whole bunch of dudes! The new guy on the team, clearly separated from his peers by his bright red overalls, keeps fucking up on the job. That's not good enough - and now he's the one who is going to get fucked! Four muscular dudes surround him on the factory floor, getting naked and pointing to him with their thick, erect, bulging pricks. The new guy gets down on his knees, unbuckling his overalls as he sucks off the other dudes. A blow job isn't enough to satisfy them - so they take turns bending him over!

Factory Workers Have Hot Gay Spit Roast

Duration: 19m, 15s, Starring Fred Fele, Stefan Toth, Zoltan Kopre

(Not Rated)

Hardly any work ever seems to get done in this steamy gay factory - and it's no wonder, because these guys are just too fucking hot! After a disagreement about how to work one of the machines, two guys start kissing to make up. You can't blame them - with all these well muscled men walking around in just their overalls, with bulging chest muscles exposed, it's no wonder! A third, good looking chap with curly hair enters the fun, and every man gets a hot mouthful of cock and ass. After the blow job and rim job introductions are over, the guys get down to some a steamy spit roast fuck, each man getting his turn to get drilled in the butthole.

Intense Three-Way Fuck On Factory Floor

Duration: 20m, 57s, Starring Charles Cromenberg, Donald Jarrott, Roberto Giorgio

(2 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to work in this erotic homosexual factory? Two extremely good-looking factory workers - in fact, it's highly unlikely that any factory workers in real life are this attractive - abandon their positions on the production line to engage in a steamy French kiss. They peel off their overalls, going down on one another; both men have got superb, well muscled bodies and great cocks. Just as they start to get stuck in to the ass fucking fun, a third man enters the scene, immediately getting naked and joining the action. If three-way penetration is your thing, then there is some great action as the guys pump it front to back!

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