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Jalapeno Papis

Hot Mexican Stud Juan Has Got A Humongously Thick Schlong

Duration: 10m, 3s, Starring Juan

(Not Rated)

Sometimes the biggest dicks come in the most surprising packages! Mexican stud Juan is nothing to look at - he's perfectly good looking, but you would never suspect that he was packing some serious firepower down below! However, you will certainly not be disappointed when he pulls off his boxer shorts, letting his extremely thick and long pole swing free! That's a plump and juicy motherfucking cock! He closes his eyes, gripping his meat firmly in one hand as he pumps himself to the hardest erection possible. You can see his cock twitching and the veins sticking out as he goads himself closer and closer to a truly explosive orgasm.

Thick Cock Head Makes This Submissive Latino Twink Squeal

Duration: 10m, Starring Boom Boom, Tommy DeLuca

(4 Votes)

Tattooed Latino stud Boom Boom is quite aptly named - because he sure can deliver some serious thunder to his boyfriend's ass! In this movie, Boom Boom is teamed up with cute and innocent looking stud Tommy the two extremely attractive males take turns blowing each other to get the party started. However, then Boom Boom takes over, laying out young Tommy on his back and spreading his thighs, lifting his ankles up around his ears. Boom Boom is extremely well hung, and Tommy squeals like a bitch as Boom Boom's thick cock head pierces his tight ass hole. A passionate French kiss on the lips soon silences his young screams!

Clean Cut Stud Jose Sticks His Finger Into His Own Ass Hole

Duration: 11m, 37s, Starring Jose

(Not Rated)

Clean cut Latina Jose can't decide whether he wants to be giving or taking! He's got a sexy and well maintained flattop along with a beefy and muscular body. That dick isn't too bad either! It's not so impressive when he is soft, but he is definitely a grower and not a shower, his pole almost doubling in size as he starts to stroke it. He also pauses part way through to anally masturbate, rolling over onto his front and squeezing the base of his dick with one hand while he sticks the middle finger of his other hand into his rectum. Then he finishes himself off with more cock stroking, spurting all over his own shaft.

Gorgeous And Extremely Young Latino Julio Strokes His Cock

Duration: 11m, 9s, Starring Julio

(1 Vote)

You are going to love gorgeous Latino male Julio! We first see him in the shower, soaping up his sexy body. Unlike a lot of really skinny or athletic guys, he's still got that charming hint of baby fat, along with a thick mop of unkempt hair that makes him look oh so young! However, despite his youth, Julio is certainly not shy, grinning into the camera as he relaxes on his bed spread and starts to play with himself. He's got a thick matting of pubic hair that matches the hair on his head, and a nice thick dick with a bright purple head that is extremely suckable! He pumps himself to a full erection, spurting all over his stomach.

Dirty Latino Stud Cesar Smears His Sperm All Over His Face

Duration: 6m, 39s, Starring Cesar

(1 Vote)

He might be chubby and just have a little cock, but Latino stud Cesar has got a cute and boyish face that you are bound to love! He wakes up with a boner in the early morning and there is only one thing to do - stroke himself off and then lick his own sperm off his fingertips! He's just a young dude, and as you can probably remember from your youth, when you're that age you have got boundless energy and it takes a while to thrash one out! That's all the better for the horny viewer, as Cesar takes a lengthy period as he jacks himself to an erection and then pumps himself off. He even smears the sperm all over his own face!

Darle And Timmy Gobble Each Others' Rock Hard Fuck Sticks

Duration: 5m, 33s, Starring Darle, Timmy

(Not Rated)

The oral sex and ass licking goes both ways as hot body Latino studs Darle and Timmy gobble each others' meat! Both of these guys are super sexy, but in different ways Darle has got an extremely toned and muscular bod, whilst long haired twink Timmy is more petite. However, they both have cock hungry mouths, with Darle lifting Timmy upside down and licking out his ass hole before the guys swap oral favors. There's no penetration in this movie, and the two studs lie side by side, admiring each others' pricks as they jerk themselves off to finish. What's more is that both guys have got massive cumloads - they've obviously been saving them!

Young Latino Stud Tommy Has Got A Truly Magnificent Cock

Duration: 11m, 31s, Starring Tommy DeLuca

(Not Rated)

Young Latino stud Tommy is one fucking hot babe! He looks extremely clean cut and conservative in his young business suit, although he quickly strips as soon as he gets in his bedroom door. Underneath he's got a skinny but toned body, with barely an ounce of fat on him. You will be absolutely shocked at the size of his cock - it's enormous! We're not just talking big - it's huge! He quickly jerks himself to a full erection, gripping his dick with one hand while he reaches around with the other and fingers his ass. There is some great eye contact as he pumps himself faster and faster, continuing to finger his ass until he cums.

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