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Ethnic Lovers Have Hot Oral In Shower

Duration: 16m, 19s, Starring Gino Gultier, Richard Bangs

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This hot gay cocksucking scene begins with a tattooed Caucasian bad boy having a shower. You'll be entranced as you watch the water run off his rippling muscles, and every time he turns around you get a tantalising flash of that pendulous member hanging between his thighs. He's extremely well hung and he can almost suck his own cock, bending right over and licking the tip in an erotic fashion. Just then he is joined in the shower by his butt buddy, a ponytailed ethnic dude who loves to suck cock! The tattooed bad boy leans back as his buddy sucks and jerks his cock to an explosive cumshot. Now that's some awesome homosexual head!

Two Acts Of Intense Gay Cock Swallowing

Duration: 26m, Starring Aaron Leung, Bobby Tyler, Chris Gill, Floyd Waters

(Not Rated)

Two separate acts of depraved gay cocksucking take place in this full length clip. In the first section, two Caucasian guys, both blond, give each other some hot oral sex in the kitchen. One guy starts off leaning against the counter, barely able to remain on his feet due to the delirious cocksucking pleasure that he is experiencing at the hands of his partner. Later the guy gets up on the bench, spreading his legs and masturbating while his buddy reaches up to squeeze his balls and finger his ass. In the next scene, another couple of Caucasian studs get it on in the bathroom. One guy is an enthusiastic cocksucker, swallowing to the base.

These Horny Guys Are Expert Cocksuckers

Duration: 10m, 46s, Starring Babaji, David Dickens

(Not Rated)

These two guys love to suck cock! Sometimes it's difficult to decide which is better - having your prick swallowed by an enthusiastic homosexual, or having one in your mouth yourself, feeling the head bumping against the back of your throat and feeling that creamy explosion in your mouth! In this hot scene, a blond guy and an ethnic chap with a ponytail give each other some hardcore oral sex. The blond guy gets his cock sucked first, standing up while his partner kneels, looking submissively up into his eyes while he blows that bone. They swap around so the ethnic man can get a taste of what it feels like to have an expert cocksucking.

Gay Cocksuckers Hungry For A Hard Prick

Duration: 24m, 2s, Starring Bo Mo Jung, Tee Pee Hawk, Vic Hall, Vinicio

(Not Rated)

There are two separate acts of hardcore gay oral sex in this movie. In the first segment, two well built Caucasian studs hook up in an alleyway for a discrete bit of cocksucking and mutual masturbation. The alley is dark and filthy and these guys obviously have only just met, but they want to get off - no protection involved! They suck each other off and then jerk together in the alleyway. In the next part, two Asian men get it on outdoors. The more muscular of the two stands like a king while his more effeminate partner squats, sucking his dick hard and working the sticky semen out of his balls with his tongue. That's nasty!

Two Young Guys Learn To Use Their Mouths

Duration: 26m, 41s, Starring Hal Jones, Hawk Eyes

(Not Rated)

Two horny young guys, one Caucasian and one latino, hook up on the street. These two sexy cruisers give each other the classic gay glance, from the face, down to the crotch and back up to the face again, and the deal is sealed! The next time we see them they are sitting in each others' laps on a chair at home, getting ready for some hot oral. The Caucasian turns out to be a really horny cocksucker, swallowing his buddy's brown shaft right down to the base. It seems at first that his scene is going to be all about him gobbling that latino cock - he really loves it! Later on the latino gets a mouthful of throbbing white penis as well.

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