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Last Call

Gay Guy Gets To Claim His Prize

Duration: 21m, 9s, Starring Marc-Andre, Steven

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Shooting pool keeps both Steven and Marc-Andre occupied for a little while, but as per the terms of the bet, Steven and Marc-Andre went upstairs and got nasty in the bedroom! The blonde threw the bet winner on the bed and kissed him up and down, straddling him and stripping him before making his way between his legs and rubbing his dick hard. He got hungry, and shoved his cock down his throat as well before he got his own dick sucked on finally in the jacuzzi. They put that tub to good use, as they massaged each other's asses and dicks before he bent him over and filled his tight asshole up with his thick boner.

Lonely Gays Have Depraved Anal Sex Play

Duration: 16m, 22s, Starring Katelyn, Tommy

(Not Rated)

Two lonely gays hook up at the lounge one night, returning home after the last call for some hot suck and fuck action. Seating themselves on the couch, they get straight into the action, sucking each others' cocks in a hot oral 69. Then one guy leans back, spreading his legs for a hardcore anal fuck. He loves getting banged in his anus, jerking his own prick while he gets stretched out in his rear end. He gets a really vigorous thrusting, as the dominant guy on top holds the other guy's legs wide apart by the ankles, eventually holding him upside down as he vigorously penetrates him. He pulls out at the latest second, spraying his buddy.

Music Loving Gays Dance Then Have Anal

Duration: 18m, 32s, Starring Sebastian, Stephan

(Not Rated)

It's closing time at the record store and everyone has to leave. Two good-looking studs bump into each other on the way out, striking up a conversation about the records that they've just been listening to. They end up going home with one another, ostensibly to listen to more music that they both like. However, this predictably turns in to some rampant homosexual loving. They dance together in the middle of the lounge, stripping naked and rubbing their big pricks together. The blond gets to his knees, sucking the brown haired guy's cock and then bending over for anal. He gets a really hard and rough fucking, loving his hair being pulled.

Sexy Twinks Bang Each Other's Butts

Duration: 21m, 7s, Starring Joshua, Patrick

(Not Rated)

These guys were coming out of a bar together trying to figure out what to do, when they received a sign from some graffiti. Ejaculation Crew! That gives them both an idea, so they go home and start hanging out on the couch together. After putting on a CD, Patrick and Joshua start to get in the mood, and begin to kiss each other while taking off their clothes. Once their dicks are exposed, they go to work on sucking their swollen pricks, getting it so deep inside of their mouths that their balls bang off of their lips. They both bend over to get some hard anal fucking, and then jerk off next to each other on the couch until they cum.

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