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Tropical Island Filled With Muscular Men

Duration: 13m, 31s, Starring Fredy Costa, Hans Brooks, Hugo Griego, Kevin Cage, Marc O'Brien

(5 Votes)

Come meet the guys in this beautiful island get away. In the luxury of a tropical resort, seven insanely good-looking studs, all with fantastic, well muscled bodies, get to know each other. At first you are introduced to each stud in turn, with some fantastic slow motion shots allowing you to appreciate every inch of rippling muscle. Then you see the guys together and you can tell who is dominant and who is more submissive. They're all extremely hot! Then you see a couple of guys in the pool, swimming nude in lazy circles around one another. A good looking stud watches.

Eager Gay Lads Have Oral Fuck On Beach

Duration: 13m, 42s, Starring Brandon Angelo, Marc O'Brien

(Not Rated)

Two eagerly young gays, Mark O'Brien and Brandon Angelo, meet up on a tropical beach. One guy is wearing a sarong and the other his board shorts, but they end up walking hand-in-hand along the white sand beach. They start to kiss, grinding their muscular bodies together and feeling the hardness between each others' thighs. They hide behind some rocks, getting completely naked. First one guy kneels in front of his buddy, giving him an excellent blowjob, and then they swap around. They lay the blanket down, lying down on their side so that they can both suck each other at the same time in a steamy oral 69. They jack off on each other.

Man Watches Some Hardcore Gay Sodomy

Duration: 18m, 36s, Starring Fredy Costa, Leonardo Santangelo, Marc O'Brien

(4 Votes)

This horny gay couple have just got together and they are in the first throes of passion in their relationship. They find a quiet corner of the resort, away from prying eyes. They get completely nude, laying a blanket down on the grass and lying down for some hot oral. One guy lies on his back while his buddy sits on his face, so his friend can lick his anus, and then they 69. This turns in to a hardcore ass fucking as one guy lies on his side to get sodomized. Another good looking stud happens to be walking along the deck where he can just see the turned on gays. He finds himself aroused by the hardcore gay sodomy unfolding before him.

A Couple Of Muscular Fagboys Clean Up Before Fucking

Duration: 7m, 2s, Starring Brandon Angelo, Marc O'Brien

(Not Rated)

Two turned on gay men are enjoying a quiet evening in the jacuzzi. They are both completely nude, their large erections poking up above the surface of the water. They kiss each other, running their hands through each others' hair and caressing each others' hard bodies. One guy sits on the edge of the spa, spreading his legs so his friend can suckle his cock and lick his balls. They move to the bedroom, where one guy lies on his back, jacking himself off while his buddy face fucks him. This horny cocksucker loves to get gagged by another virile stud, moaning while he chokes on the prick. He cums just as his buddy shoots in his mouth.

Muscular Jocks Have Hot Anal On Beach

Duration: 9m, 27s, Starring Hans Brooks, Hugo Griego

(3 Votes)

This scene opens on two muscular studs, hidden behind the sand dunes on the beach. One guy is bent over, leaning forward and holding himself up against a tree. His buddy is kneeling behind his butt, tonguing his crack and licking the back of his balls. The other guy moans while his anus is pleasured in this way. Then his friend spits on the ass, adding one last drop of lubrication before he slides his slippery penis into that tight hole. He roughly sodomizes his friend, placing a hand dominantly on his shoulder while he pounds his butt. They swap around, fucking each other in the ass hole before they jerk off all over each other.

Rough Gay Oral Sex In The Sand Dunes

Duration: 8m, 36s, Starring Gerardo Cortez, Hans Brooks

(Not Rated)

It's straight into the action in this hot gay oral scene. Two men are hidden in the sand dunes, engaged in some extremely steamy blow job action. Both of these Caucasian studs have got incredible, ripped bodies with fantastic abdominal muscles. One guy is lying on his back, his hands meekly at his side while his friend vigorously thrusts his penis in and out of his mouth, facefucking him with gusto. The guy tries to wrap his lips around the cock, and take the whole thing down his throat, but he can't help but gag and choke on the thick and dribbling shaft ramming in and out of his throat. Finally the two guys jack each other off.

Muscle Studs Watch Each Other Jerk Off

Duration: 9m, 12s, Starring Julien Salieri, Sylvio Pantera

(1 Vote)

After a hard day of working out in the gym, three muscular Caucasian men are relaxing in the sauna. All three men are completely nude, and they keep glancing over to each other, appreciating each others' well muscled bodies. They see each others' cocks growing to a full erection, and each man grabs his own shaft, gripping it firmly and making sure that his is engorged to its full length. None of these men want to be seen to have a small penis in front of the other lads! While they watch each other, eyes flickering from man to man, they all masturbate themselves to orgasm, cumming almost simultaneously all over themselves.

Submissive Cocksucker Begs For Sodomy

Duration: 17m, 15s, Starring Hugo Griego, Julian Vincenzo

(Not Rated)

With a resort full of horny gay men, you know that there is going to be hot anal action happening left right and centre! One particularly submissive cocksucker has had his eye on a tattooed muscle stud since he first arrived. One day he sees the guy completely nude, sunning himself in the courtyard. He approaches the man, submissively bowing his head and taking the guys fat cock in his mouth. The tattooed stud is surprised, but of course he is not going to complain about being sucked off! After the man's prick is nice and hard, the submissive cocksucker bends over a bench, peeling his ass cheeks apart and begging to be sodomized.

Muscle Studs Have Hot Oral And Anal Fuck

Duration: 8m, 32s, Starring Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick

(3 Votes)

A whole bunch of guys are sitting around the lodge one evening, singing songs and having a good time. After the rest of the guys leave, two horny studs remain, having been casting covert glances at each other all night. One look is all it takes and they are all over each other, peeling off each others' clothes so that they can get their lips and hands wrapped around each others' cocks. The muscular studs give each other fantastic blow jobs and then take turns fucking each other on the floor, groaning while their asses get stretched out roughly and violently by the vigorous thrusts. They cum all over each other to conclude this hot anal sex scene.

Three Guys Fucking On Vacation

Duration: 16m, 46s, Starring Gerardo Cortez, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Miguel Sabroso

(1 Vote)

Gerardo Cortez and two other guys, Lucio Maverick and Miguel Sabroso were on vacation in a rented house on a tropical island. The guys walked outside on the deck and found Miguel sitting there stroking his cock. The guys stripped off their clothes and walked over to him. One of the guys leaned over and started sucking his cock while the other came in behind him and drove his cock into his tight ass. He fucked that tight ass hard then he pulled out and let the other guy take a turn on his ass. Both guys drilled him in the ass then they put him on his knees and shot hot jizz all over his chest.

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