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Two Guys Have Long Ass Licking Session

Duration: 33m, 44s, Starring Alex Bad Boy, Junior Macnalli

(Not Rated)

These two good-looking young gay men love to play with the ass! It's all about anal in this clip, with the guys kissing perfunctorily and then getting naked, far more interested in licking and tonguing each others' buttholes than kissing. It's extremely horny, and the guys get obviously aroused, their cocks standing on end as they finger each others' slippery buttholes. This is the hottest analingus that you will see on camera! Then the two gents take turns fucking each other up the butt, doing it doggy style and also riding each other while they jerk the own pricks. At the end of the clip they spray each other with their salty jism.

Horny Doctor Takes Advantage Of Sexy Patient

Duration: 24m, 34s, Starring Alex Leite, Sam Mendes

(Not Rated)

This hot gay stud is feeling lonely and in need of male company, so he calls up his local doctor, feigning illness. Soon the confident and well mannered doctor arrives, eager to inspect the young man. He gives the man a full physical, making him strip down naked and touching him all over, but then declares him to be in fine health. He's just about to leave when the young man reaches out, grabbing the doctor's groin! The medical professional is initially shocked, but soon he is overcome with lust, especially since he has just had his hands all over the young man's hard flesh. By the end of the clip the doctor is ass fucking the young man.

Young Queer Offers His Tight Rear End

Duration: 26m, 40s, Starring Billy Ferrary, Cauan Martins

(Not Rated)

A hot young queer takes his flash new car to the mechanic's. The mechanic takes one look at the young gay man and decides that whatever else happens, he is going to get a piece of that ass! He lies to the young man, telling him that there is a major problem that is going to be extremely expensive to fix. The young queer is shocked and dismayed, but then the crafty mechanic offers a solution - instead of paying with cash, he can pay with ass! The young queer has been thinking how hot the mechanic is, so he jumps at the chance to get his butt plugged. He gives the mechanic a good sucking, and then bends over, offering up his tight rear end.

Feminine Queer Man Begs For Ass Fucking

Duration: 25m, 6s, Starring Daniel Rasek, Henrique Radvan

(Not Rated)

A confident stud is invited back to his friend's dorm room for a massage. His friend is a somewhat feminine gay man, clearly the more submissive of the two. The submissive man gets his good-looking boyfriend to lie on the bed while he begins to massage those aching muscles. Of course, the guy can't keep his hands to himself, quite quickly beginning to massage his victim's bottom and reaching around to grip his cock. Soon the guys embrace passionately on the bed, all pretences of heterosexuality going out the window. They suck each others' cocks on the bed and then the submissive bitch begs his buddy to take him hard in his tight ass.

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