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Young Convict Takes A Hard Anal Pumping

Duration: 13m, 37s, Starring Tyler Ford, Calvin Sabitini

(Not Rated)

Experienced inmate Calvin knows all the tricks of the trade - and when he gets a good-looking young stud in his cell, he immediately set about fucking him in the ass! At first young Tyler is unwilling to get fucked in his butt, but he soon realizes that it's in his best interests and he resignedly leans against the wall and exposes his ass. Calvin immediately gets in behind, brushing those sweet white butt cheeks with his hard cock and spitting on Tyler's ringpiece before he rams his cock home. Tyler grunts and grits his teeth is Calvin pushes him hard up against the wall and fucks him up the butt with no mercy - he gives it to him rough!

Older Convict Rides Young Twink's Cock

Duration: 23m, 3s, Starring Marc Anthony, Rick Smith

(Not Rated)

This young corn-fed twink is new to the prison system, and almost immediately the vultures swoop, with one older convict taking him under his wing. Of course, back in the privacy of the cell, that means that this twink is going to be sucking some cock! After lights out, the twink is still wide-awake as his older daddy fucks his mouth. However, it's obvious that the twink has done this before, because he's got some fantastic skills at blowing a cock! However, the roles are reversed as the older convict pushes the twink down onto the mattress, jerking and sucking the twink's cock until it is rock hard and then inserting it into his own ass.

Prison Guard's Tight Anus Torn Wide Open

Duration: 17m, 26s, Starring Rick Thomas, Chris Miller

(Not Rated)

Now this is one crooked fucking prison guard! He is doing his rounds when he comes a cross a good-looking prisoner, stark naked with his cock and balls pressed up against the bars of his cage. In most prisons, the guard would immediately start beating the naked inmate - but in this case, the prison guard gets down on his knees and sucks on his cock! The guard strips off, letting himself in to the cell with the prisoner and getting down on all fours for an ass fucking, a role reversal that would most definitely be against regulations. The sex starved prisoner goes wild on the guard's ass hole, leaving him with a gaping open anus!

Young Twink Prison Fucked With No Lube

Duration: 22m, 27s, Starring Phyllisha Anne, Jay Huntington

(Not Rated)

One of the first things that you will learn if you ever go to the clink is not to trust anyone. This young twink is in processing, waiting to get his fingerprints taken, when one of the more experienced cons walks along pushing his mop. Seeing no one else around, the older con decides to take advantage of this inexperienced twink; he unzips his overalls and pulls out his fat cock, and the twink, not knowing what else to do, gets on his knees and starts servicing the older man. Soon the twink is lying on his back and wincing, jerking his cock to get some satisfaction of his own, as the older convict reams him up the butt with no lube.

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