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Lost on Sex Island

Bottom Dude Squeals During Big Cock Anal

Duration: 14m, 41s, Starring Billy Brandt, Kirk Kelley

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This has got to be every man's fantasy! Gorgeous blond stud Kirk is walking along the beach when he stumbles upon a grove of bamboo trees. He's startled when he sees movement from within the branches - it's young brunette cocksucker Billy, who isn't going to rest until he has got a mouth and an ass full of sperm! Kirk looks on in wonder as the diminutive bottom stud gets on his knees and starts sucking Kirk's cock. The two men retire to Billy's nearby beach house, with more oral sex followed by Billy giving up his little ass hole. He grunts as Kirk shoves it in - Kirk is extremely well hung, and Billy has only got a tiny little butt!

Stud Takes Two Big Hard Cocks In Dungeon

Duration: 26m, 35s, Starring Daneil J, Gregg Smith, Jason Hawke

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In this erotic dudgeon group sex video, a gorgeous young stud is brutally disciplined and sodomized by two other men. First he's tied face down to a table, his legs spread and a hand roughly shoved up his ass. Despite his straight acting demeanor, it's obvious that this guy is used to getting it in his butt, so the two men undo him from his bonds, ramming their cocks down his throat. For the rest of the video the young buck is penetrated in spit roast fashion, fucked roughly in his mouth whilst he's sodomized hard and deep from the rear. By the end, he is lying there in a soiled mess, his ass ruined and his body covered in sperm.

Horny Doctor Is Packing Serious Meat

Duration: 30m, 35s, Starring Damian Ford, Jay Ross, Kirk Kelley

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Young stud Jay goes to the doctor to get his private parts inspected. However, his doctor for the day is gorgeous stud Kirk Kelley, and Jay just can't help but get hard when he strips off and sits on the examination chair. Doctor Kirk gives him a sly smile, grippingly his dick firmly at the base and starting to jack it up and down in a most unprofessional manner! The two studs retire to the bedroom next door to the office, which is lit with fluorescent pink lights in a very porno fashion. Jay lies back and lets the doctor work his magic with his fingers, tongue and cock; Doctor Kirk is packing some serious meat in his pants!

Stud Goes Balls Deep On Boyfriend's Ass

Duration: 23m, 13s, Starring Billy Brandt, Damian Ford, Jay Ross

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In this hot gay bedroom sex scene, porn stud Damian is paid a visit by his gorgeous boyfriend Jay. Jay lets himself in to Damian's bedroom in the middle of the night, waking him by licking his cock up and down until he is dribbling sperm! Then it's straight into the hard anal, with Damian lying back with his legs spread while Jay mounts him in missionary, starting up a steady pumping that soon has Damian gasping. Jay rolls his boyfriend over part way through, spreading his knees with his feet and thrusting the full length of his rock hard pole in to Damian's butthole. He literally goes balls deep - and it's a fucking huge cock!

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