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Lust for Leather

Free Blowjobs In This Gay Porn Store

Duration: 4m, 58s, Starring Cowboy Bob, Voldo

(1 Vote)

Wouldn't you love to walk into this dirtygay sex store? Behind the counter are a couple of guys clad in nothing more than leathers and studs. One of them even has a gimp mask on! They show their customers a few of their wares, including oversized sex toys and cock rings. The best part about this dirtystore is that it's full service - you can buy your sex toys and magazines there, and also get a hand job! One of the customers stands in the corner while a cock hungry employee gives him a jerk off, squatting down and proceeding to suck him dry. By the end of the video all of the store employees are lining up to give blowjobs!

Anal Dude Takes Four Cocks On Pool Table

Duration: 3m, 48s, Starring Axel Freak, Cowboy Bob, Crazy Dick

(Not Rated)

Some guys just love to be punished! Five leather clad gay men are standing around the pool table having a game when one of them pulls out his erect cock and flops it out onto the table. Soon all the rest of the guys are exposing themselves, the game abandoned as they proudly admire each others' cocks. One particularly submissive man lies down on the pool table, lifting up his thighs and spreading his butt cheeks to show off his ring piece to the other men. They crowd around, one sticking his cock in to the prone man's mouth and another starting to sodomize him. All four men take a turn at riding this leather bound homosexual's butthole.

Tied Up Man Gets Double Anally Fisted

Duration: 25m, 44s, Starring Axel Freak, Cowboy Bob, Crazy Dick

(1 Vote)

This flick shows just how nasty a bunch of gay mans can get! One poor fellow finds himself tied up helplessly on the ground, his legs spread wide. First he gets anally eaten and fingered by another dude, who towers over him menacingly. Then two more men enter the room, crowding around the helplessly tied up dude and pleasuring him. It just gets worse and worse, as they tie a ring around his ballsack and start to really pound his backside. They pour on a healthy dollop of lube, proceeding to give the dude a double rectal fisting! The poor dude's backside is never going to be the same again. However, the horny gay seems to love this rough treatment!

These Nasty Cowboys Love Dirty Anal Play

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Axel Freak, Cowboy Bob, Crazy Dick, Voldo

(Not Rated)

Come and see what a bunch of dirtycowboys will get up to when they find an abandoned barn to play in! At first one guy gets manhandled by another two, told to lie on his back with his legs spread and his ankles tied to a board above his head. He is completely helpless in this position, and the other men lick and finger his ass hole with wild abandon. There is plenty of hardcore anal penetration in this movie, as the guys take turns tying each other up and fucking each other's butts. They even set up a freestanding anal dildo which they proceed to impale themselves on, in full view of the other men! These guys love nasty ass play!

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