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Swimming Coach Can't Keep Away From His Student's Young Cock

Duration: 24m, 40s, Starring Dia, Zachary Scott

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It's official - the locker room has to be one of the most erotic places on the planet! At this swimming club you get a behind-the-scenes view as a whole bunch of horny guys strip off and parade around naked in the changing room. Then after class, one of the swimmers is called into the coach's office for some one-on-one time. He looks so cute standing there in his tight swimming trunks the coach can't keep his eyes off that bulge! The coach makes his move, squatting down in front of the young man and pulling down his togs, letting his long, thick and clean cut cock spring free. The older stud gives the student the blow job of his life!

Nude Basketball Game Turns To A Steamy Oral Fuck After Hours

Duration: 19m, 8s, Starring Brett Dimineo, Hans Ebson

(3 Votes)

After a round of nude basketball in the gymnasium, Hans and Brett stay behind for some extra practice. Of course, they're not really going to be playing with the basketball - it's a different set of balls that they are interested in! This begins as quite a romantic clip, as the studs lay a blanket down on the hard floor to cushion their muscular bodies as they indulge in some steamy oralforeplay. Blond Hans is the leader, bending Brett over and screwing him the ass in doggy before he finishes him in an erotic missionary fuck, with the two men lying facing one another and kissing passionately. Definitely a flick for the romantics!

Little Mexican Guy Takes Rough Ass Fucking In The Locker Room

Duration: 15m, 51s, Starring Dia, Pedro De Salva

(2 Votes)

There's a new little Mexican guy at school, and all of the football jocks are making bets about who is going to bust him in first. Pedro is shyly drying his skinny body in the changing room when alpha male Dia stumbles across him, licking his lips at the opportunity to take that sweet little ass! Pedro turns out to be eager to get ass pumped, getting on his knees and opening his mouth in preparation for the football jock's dick. Then the little Mexican gets laid down on the bench, jerking his own prick as Dia enters him, starting up a steady thrusting. Horny Dia knows he has to finish quick, before the other boys walk in!

Steamy Cocksucking Fourway After Hours In The Locker Room

Duration: 22m, 31s, Starring Brett Dimineo, Dia, Kirk Kelley, Mason Tyler

(2 Votes)

Cocksucking and ass fucking - it's all in a day's work for these four horny gym studs! It's closing time at the gym, and the last few gym rats are getting showered and cleaned up. Of course, in this friendly gym, no one bothers wearing a towel around their waist - all the guys check each other out with obvious cruising glances! Locking the door to the room, the guys get down in front of each other and take turns blowing each other, with some fantastic two mouth blow jobs on offer. Each man gets a turn at both sucking and being sucked. Things get even hotter as the guys take turns screwing each other in the ass - and they're well hung!

Horny Coach Checks Out His Young Students In The Locker Room

Duration: 20m, 50s, Starring Brett Dimineo, Cameron Scott, Dia, Zachary Scott

(2 Votes)

Don't you wish that you had a swimming coach like this when you were at school? After training, the coach - parading around in the tiniest pair of togs you've ever seen - orders his boys to stay behind. After a verbal dressing down he tells them to line up, bend over and touch their toes he walks along behind the row, admiring the gorgeous line of tight little asses. Pulling out his dick, he feeds it into the guys' throats one after another, finally telling them to get stuck into one another. This kicks off a massive five man orgy in the locker room, with the coach spunking down each guys' throat and also watching them suck each other.

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