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Two Gay Guys Getting Cum Filled

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Jamie Rawlins, Josh Hayden

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Josh Hayden and Jamie Rawlins need something to do, and it turns out that one of the better time wastes is to fuck each other. They strip off nice and slow, adding an air of anticipation to this porno. They have great bodies, if a bit on the slender side, but you can see their muscles nice and clear. Josh starts by licking off Jamie's midsection, then pulling out his dick to taste it. They both get some dick sucking time in before they want to go ahead and proceed with the major gay ass fucking.

Bulky Guys Fucking on the Pool Deck

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Greg Derek, Ryan Weston

(Not Rated)

Greg Derek and Ryan Weston are bulky guys, and they are also incredibly in love with each other's cocks. The scene starts with Greg taking a look at Ryan's dick, then opening his mouth wide enough to engulf that dick. He starts licking his tongue up and down that shaft, then working him more and more. They are both horny as hell by the time the pants come off of Greg, and then it's time for the hard ass fucking. He keeps on pounding more and more, and by the time he is doing they are dripping and satisfied.

Slender Latino Twinks Fucking at Pool

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Corey David, Vince Royce

(Not Rated)

It doesn't get more twinky than Vince Royce and Corey David, who are hanging out at the pool and hot tub. They embrace, kissing nice and slow. Vince is already naked, with his dick bulging against his underwear. Corey starts pulling off his shirt, then his jeans slowly coming off. Their dicks are completely gigantic by that point, and the dick sucking is not the thing that you would ever forgot. They are so into it that I'm pretty sure that they end up forgetting about the camera. This is authentic twink sex for sure.

Lusty Euro Men Fucking on the Bed

Duration: 20m, 48s, Starring Mickey Lane, Shawn Lawson

(Not Rated)

Shawn Lawson and Mickey Lane are the perfect pair. The one has long hair in a ponytail and a hunky body, while the other is looking more like a jock and fresh out of college. They start off kissing and rolling around the bed, and slowly the clothes begin to come off. Their dicks are getting harder as they kiss, and once they are skin to skin the sparks start to fly. They taste and tease each other's bodies, working themselves up more and more until they finally end up bent over and getting a tight rim fucking.

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