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Man Whores 6

Two Latino Studs Please Each Other

Duration: 27m, 48s, Starring Mike, Nino

(Not Rated)

Starting out slow Nino and Mike quickly get down to business. These two studs go at it hard with Nino taking Mike's rod deep in his mouth. All the way down and licking the tip. With his tool ready he pushes it slowly into his ass. Deeper it goes to the others delight. Out it comes for reinsertion at a different angle. Taking it deep he moans in pleasure. Now on his back he is mounted and both moan with pleasure. Turning around to face each other he mounts him again and rams it deep.. Switching it up on his back Nino gets it in the ass. Pleasuring them selves they both blow their loads onto each other.

Two Super Hot Guys In Throws Of Passion

Duration: 23m, 22s, Starring Bill, Rex

(1 Vote)

These two guys are hot, hot, hot! Bill and Rex have one hell of a good time in this scene. Both can swallow cocks and are experts at the art of dick sucking. The look of ecstasy on their faces while they are fucking shows just exactly how good this feels to these guys. They know how deep to go, how fast to go, to drive each other wild. Sweat begins to glisten on their bodies as the love making gets more intense. Their balls get firm and ready to explode and spew the creamy, sticky goodness of cum.

Two Guys Bring The Fruit Bowl To Play

Duration: 27m, 24s, Starring Kevin, Matheus Axell

(Not Rated)

Sometimes sex needs a little excitement and Kevin and Matheus Axell sure know how to add some to their sexual adventures. They do the normal cocksucking and ball licking but then they get into things a little different such as sliding fruit up each others asses. It starts off with a glistening orange carrot and then they give a banana a go but eventually give up on all that for the love of cock. With both of our guys enjoying being fucked as well as doing the fucking it keeps the scene exciting.

Sexy Hot Interracial Jocks Fucking

Duration: 30m, 51s, Starring Chuck, Pete

(6 Votes)

Two super cute jocks with nice builds and six packs have a bit of a lovers quarrel and as you know, the best sex is always make up sex. Our sexy duo starts out with a little bit of tender kissing and slowly removing their clothes. They become more eager to taste each other, to explore one another and get each other off. They suck on each others dicks with gusto, and deep throat it, never holding back. The black guy slowly spreads the ass cheeks of his partner and presses his cock inside his waiting hole and at times he jacks his partner while he fucks him. After a while the roles reverse and it is the black guy getting the anal loving

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