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Mark Dalton and Friends

Mark Dalton Plays With Himself Outside and Nude

Duration: 11m, 39s, Starring Mark Dalton

(2 Votes)

Mark Dalton is the type of down home boy that you'll want to see around, getting all hot and sweaty as he does some backbreaking manual labor job. You're going to get to watch him slide out of his clothes while the sun beats down on him, because he wants to get out his dick and beat off as a way to take a break. I have to say that I fully approve of this break, as his body is built and gorgeous. His ass is fucking perfect, and you get to see his cock as he strokes it until he ends up making a mess all over himself.

Sexy Farm Hand Shows Off His Toned Body And Magnificent Dick

Duration: 11m, 12s, Starring Ben Harrison

(Not Rated)

Now this is a God damn magnificent hunk of man! Ben Harrison is a clean, corn-fed country boi with a delicious body and a suntan from working long hours in the fields. However, today's his day off, and he is feeling fucking horny! Unfortunately there are no cowboys to play with so he is left to his own devices, stripping and masturbating in the barn where he hopes that no-one will find him. First he strips and reveals his toned body, with those hard muscles that can only be developed through physical labor. However it's that muscle in between his legs that is the best - his monster dick has to be at least 9 inches long and very thick!

Gorgeous Young Muscle Buck Peels Off His Cowboy Uniform

Duration: 18m, 19s, Starring Jarda Kolar

(2 Votes)

This young buck is just too gorgeous for words! He's got a clean shaven, squarejawed face combined with a toned and muscular body. He covers himself with a thin sheen of baby oil that makes his firm muscles glisten. Down below in his pants he has got a deliciously hard cock - not too long, but pleasantly thick and ready for action. He is also a superconfident teaser, grinning into the camera as he peels off his leather cowboy outfit and sits with his legs spread and his dick pointing to the ceiling. You're going to love the gorgeous close-ups of his face as he smiles while he plays with himself, pumping himself closer and closer to orgasm.

Extremely Sexy Corn-Fed Farmboy Dylan Plays With His Meat

Duration: 19m, 55s, Starring Dylan

(Not Rated)

Dylan is the epitome of the clean cut, corn-fed farmboy - with the hot body and enormous cock to match! This dude has got the kind of dick that would make most fellas jealous, and he is tall and good looking to go with it. What a fucking prick! Still, you can't bemoan his good fortune, especially when he is showing off his fine body and man meat while he masturbates in the barn yard. He spits on his palm to make it moist and then rubs his saliva all over the shaft, using it for lubrication as he pumps himself off. He grips his ballsack with the other hand, squeezing it to make himself cum extra quick. It's a fucking huge cumshot!

Big Dicked Stud Jirua Kallopa Masturbates His Hard Cock

Duration: 14m, 7s, Starring Jirua Kallopa

(1 Vote)

Jirua Kallopa loves to show off his body, especially when he knows that he's going to have an audience as massive as his dick. He's got a great looking body and some sexy overalls to bring a kind of country boy look to the scene. He soon slips out of this, however, and starts showing off his hot and hard body to the camera. He's especially loving bringing out his big dick and teasing you with it, before letting his hand slide up and down that pole, getting so hot and bothered that he's going to have to cum before very long.

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